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Great American RV Enhances Technician Expertise Through RV Technical Institute’s Level 2 Training

Great American RV Superstores recently concluded another session of the RV Technical Institute’s (RVTI) Level 2 training, focusing on enhancing the capabilities of their technicians across their extensive network in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee. 

The training, which combines 11 weeks of online courses followed by a week of hands-on experience, is aimed at equipping technicians with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to handle modern RV systems effectively.

The Institute’s Level 2 training is meticulously designed to cover all critical aspects of RV maintenance, including propane systems, electrical frameworks, plumbing, appliances, bodywork, generators, and chassis. 

This thorough educational approach ensures that technicians are well-prepared to perform basic diagnostics, troubleshooting, and repairs across a variety of systems, as per the News & Insights report of the RV Industry Association.

Greg Dewalt, the fixed operations education director at Great American RV, emphasized the value of the training, stating that it significantly boosts the team’s confidence and efficiency. 

He noted that the training not only enhances technical skills but also leads to better customer service, which is pivotal for customer retention and satisfaction. Dewalt’s comments highlight the importance of ongoing professional development in maintaining high service standards within the RV industry.

The hybrid training model adopted by RVTI, which combines online learning with physical workshops, has been particularly beneficial. This format allows for flexible learning that can be tailored to fit the busy schedules of working technicians. 

The online component includes interactive sessions and weekly check-ins that help reinforce the material covered and keep technicians engaged throughout the course.

The in-person labs, led by the Institute’s director of education, Bill Stewart, play a crucial role in the training process. Stewart’s expertise and dynamic teaching style make the sessions both informative and enjoyable for participants. His approach not only enhances learning outcomes but also boosts morale and motivation among technicians.

The impact of the training is evident in the enthusiasm of technicians to progress to Level 3, showing a clear desire for further advancement and certification in specialized areas such as electronics and chassis management. 

According to the Institute, this drive for continuous professional development is essential for keeping pace with the evolving demands of the RV service industry.

Furthermore, the success of the training sessions has sparked a positive buzz throughout the company. After the recent hands-on labs in Hammond, LA, nine technicians achieved Level 2 certification, demonstrating the effectiveness of the program and its appeal among the staff.

Great American RV’s commitment to training has made them a model for other dealerships in the industry. As an RV Technical Institute Authorized Training Partner+, the company has access to the Institute’s comprehensive curriculum and resources, which support their mission to offer superior RV servicing.

The ongoing success of the Level 2 training program at Great American RV Superstores underlines the importance of skilled training in enhancing technician expertise and improving customer service in the RV industry. 

The company’s proactive approach to professional development ensures that their technicians are among the best trained in the field, ready to meet the challenges of modern RV servicing.

For those interested in the advancements of RV technician training and its impact on service quality, Great American RV’s continued investment in their staff provides a compelling example of how targeted education can lead to significant improvements in industry standards.

Featured image by the RV Industry Association via rvia.org

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May 3, 2024 11:46 am

I think it’s awesome how Great American RV goes the extra mile with their technician training! Pairing newbies with experienced pros and pushing for ongoing certification is a major win for everyone involved.

May 3, 2024 1:11 pm

Isn’t it cool how Great American RV goes all out for their technicians, pushing them to Level 3 expertise in electronics after Level 2 Training? The recent success in Hammond, LA, proves that RVTI’s approach is spot-on, reflecting the techs’ serious dedication to honing their skills.

Gia Sunrise
Gia Sunrise
May 3, 2024 2:28 pm
Reply to  ChillCraze220

It’s impressive to see Great American RV fully support their technicians by aiming for Level 3 expertise in electronics following Level 2 Training. It shows commitment to top-notch skills and service in the RV industry! The dedication to continuous improvement is truly commendable.

May 3, 2024 1:24 pm

Have you ever heard of technicians busting out the RV cha-cha-cha during training? At Great American RV, thanks to Bill Stewart’s lab leadership, it’s a hoot! And word on the street is, after Level 3, those techs are all set to challenge the RVs to a dance-off!

Jessica Phillips
Jessica Phillips
May 3, 2024 3:27 pm

Did you catch the scoop on Great American RV? Their techs are now top-notch after Level 2 training, fixing RV issues like pros and cooking up fresh ideas for awesome customer experiences!

May 3, 2024 5:20 pm

Isn’t it cool how the RV Tech Institute’s Level 2 training covers a wide range of RV maintenance areas? It’s not just about fixing stuff. safety and standards play a big role too. Completing this training boosts job satisfaction and deepens understanding of RV systems. Awesome, right?

May 3, 2024 8:51 pm

Isn’t it cool how Great American RV’s Level 2 training, led by the knowledgeable Bill Stewart, goes above and beyond in giving technicians top-notch skills? The camaraderie and collaborative environment created here really get us pumped for professional growth. so inspiring!

May 3, 2024 11:24 pm

Isn’t it impressive how Great American RV invests in their team with top-notch training? It sets a high bar in the industry, ensuring excellent service and fostering a culture of excellence.

May 3, 2024 11:41 pm

Have you heard the latest buzz from Great American RV? They’re introducing a cool mentorship program for techs, adding real-world scenarios to their training. Also, get this, they’re launching advanced courses in solar tech and diagnostics for top-notch RV maintenance skills! How awesome is that?

May 4, 2024 1:29 am

Check out this neat update! Great American RV Superstores is all set to launch a cool quality assurance program for their technicians. Level 2 training by RVTI will surely step up their game!

May 4, 2024 5:53 am

Isn’t it amazing how Great American RV’s team shines after Level 2 training? With Bill Stewart’s guidance, they’re leveling up to Level 3. Exciting times ahead for these skilled technicians!


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