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Storyteller Overland Breaks New Ground with The HILT: A Class C Adventure Truck Ready to Disrupt the Market

Storyteller Overland has unveiled its latest creation, The HILT, a Class C adventure truck. The unveiling took place at the Elkhart RV Open House in Elkhart, Indiana, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey into the expedition vehicle market.

The HILT is not just a vehicle; it’s a statement of rugged individualism and a testament to Storyteller Overland’s commitment to fostering the spirit of adventure. This market-disrupting vehicle is the flagship of Storyteller’s new GXV line, developed in collaboration with its wholly-owned subsidiary, Global Expedition Vehicles, LLC.

The HILT. Photo courtesy of Storyteller Overland.

Externally, The HILT is a beast ready to tackle the wild with features like a proprietary Zero Torsion Subframe system, an active hydraulic Smart Suspension System from Liquid Springs, a 20,000-pound electric winch, and an Extreme 360° exterior lighting package from KC HiLiTES. 

The custom nVader rack and storage system from Flarespace adds to its rugged charm, ensuring adventurers have the essentials they need at their fingertips, according to a press release.

Step inside, and The HILT transforms into a tranquil, spa-like retreat. The full-height wet bath, a queen bed in the cab over position, a rear dinette that converts into a second queen bed, and a full kitchen are designed to provide a home away from home. The interior is a blend of comfort and functionality, ensuring every journey is as enjoyable as the destination.

Performance is at the heart of The HILT’s design. Built on a robust Ram 5500 chassis and powered by a 6.7 L diesel engine, this adventure truck is ready to venture farther off-grid. 

The 120-gallon freshwater tank and a 52-gallon fuel tank ensure extended adventures, while the 16.8 kWh M-Power System with two 3000W inverters and 1325 watts of solar panels provide sustainable power wherever the road leads.

The HILT is more than just a vehicle; it’s a gateway to a lifestyle unbound by the conventional. With extended-term RV financing options and Storyteller’s rapidly growing nationwide network of dealer sales and service partners, the dream of owning an adventure truck is now within reach for many.

The interior of the HILT. Photo courtesy of Storyteller Overland.

The partnership between Storyteller Overland and Global Expedition Vehicles is a fusion of vision and expertise. Jeffrey Hunter, CEO of Storyteller Overland, and Trent Tiffin, general manager & executive vice president of Global Expedition Vehicles, have expressed their excitement about the collaboration and the market potential of The HILT. 

This partnership has not only birthed an exceptional vehicle but has also opened up a new frontier in the adventure vehicle market.

The HILT is priced at a limited-time introductory offer of $398,786, a competitive price point in a market where similar vehicles often come with a heftier price tag. Starting in Q4 of this year, The HILT will be available for sale at select dealer groups, making it a tangible dream for many adventure enthusiasts.

The name “The HILT” is emblematic of the desire to live life to the fullest, a sentiment echoed by the Storyteller Overland and Global X communities. It’s not just about the destinations reached but the experiences garnered and the stories created along the way.

The HILT project has been in the works since Storyteller’s December 2021 acquisition and integration of the legendary Springfield, Missouri-based Global Expedition Vehicles. This venture signifies a continued trajectory of innovation, bringing the adventure closer to reaching more people.

For those keen on exploring more about The HILT, the promotional YouTube video provided a deeper dive into this groundbreaking adventure truck. The HILT is not just a vehicle; it’s an invitation to explore the uncharted, to live the story of adventure.

As Storyteller Overland continues to innovate with vehicles like The HILT, the horizon of adventure expands. The HILT is not just a market-disrupting adventure truck; it’s a narrative of what’s possible when the spirit of adventure meets cutting-edge design and engineering. 

For more information or inquiries, interested parties can reach out to Storyteller Overland Chief of Staff Summer Trammell at [email protected].

Featured image from Storyteller Overland.

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Lisa Adams
Lisa Adams
April 29, 2024 1:28 pm

Have you heard about The HILT from Storyteller Overland? It’s like stepping into a whole new world of adventure! With top-notch features, it’s the perfect companion for those seeking epic off-grid experiences. The blend of rugged durability and luxury is just spot on for unforgettable journeys.


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