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Winnipeg Company Gives Vintage Trailers New Life

While the RV industry offers a wide range of modern recreational vehicles, one Winnipeg company is taking a different approach, breathing new life into vintage trailers through RV restoration. ReVolution Trailers, founded in 2019, specializes in restoring camper trailers of all ages, from the 1940s to the modern era.

ReVolution Trailers’ team of five employees works out of their shop on Springfield Road (Manitoba), where they take on the challenge of renovating trailers from various decades.

“We’ve worked on tiny little Bolers 10 feet long, we’re standing in a 46-foot-long travel trailer, we’ve worked on Class A motor coach buses, we’ve worked on boats, we’re building custom trailers so we run the gamut of the RV industry,” said Stu Pynoo, owner of ReVolution Trailers, in an interview with CTV News Winnipeg.

What started as a personal project for Pynoo and his wife has blossomed into a thriving business, attracting customers from across Canada and the United States.

ReVolution Trailers’ unique approach involves meticulous restoration, often salvaging trailers from neglect and disrepair.

“[P]eople are actually calling us up and saying, ‘Listen we’ve got this trailer, we don’t want to throw it in the dump, can we just bring it to you?’ and we gladly accept them all,” Pynoo told CTV News Winnipeg.

The company’s dedication to sustainability is evident in its efforts to recycle and reuse materials whenever possible. Maegan Clerihew, project manager at ReVolution Trailers, estimates they have saved “somewhere in the neighborhood of 350,000 to 400,000 pounds of RVs” from ending up in landfills.

ReVolution Trailers’ work goes beyond simply restoring functionality; they create unique and personalized spaces for their clients. 

Clerihew describes their design process as drawing inspiration from various sources, including home décor trends and the client’s vision. “The biggest compliment we can get is when somebody walks into one of our trailers and says this is nicer than my house,” she said.

With a growing customer base and a passion for preserving the history of RVs, ReVolution Trailers is carving out a unique niche in the industry. Their work demonstrates that vintage trailers can be more than just relics of the past; they can be transformed into stylish and functional spaces for modern-day adventures.

Featured image by ReVolution Trailers via revolutiontrailers.ca

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Sandra Thomas
Sandra Thomas
April 24, 2024 2:01 pm

Isn’t it cool? ReVolution Trailers doesn’t just refurbish vintage campers. they craft each one to match the owner’s style. They’re all about sustainability and community, hosting workshops and events. I’m seriously impressed by their dedication to preserving these retro beauties.

April 24, 2024 6:27 pm
Reply to  Sandra Thomas

I know, right? It’s amazing how they turn those vintage trailers into unique masterpieces! Each one tells a story. Have you seen them up close?

Rebecca Morris
Rebecca Morris
April 24, 2024 4:54 pm

Have you heard about ReVolution Trailers? They’re so much more than a restoration company. They’re all about sharing the love for vintage campers through workshops and events. It’s like stepping back in time and feeling the craftsmanship of those old trailers. It’s a whole experience!

April 24, 2024 6:53 pm

Did you know that ReVolution Trailers doesn’t just fix up vintage campers? They also let you customize your trailer to match your style. Plus, they team up with artists to create unique, artsy trailers. I think that’s pretty cool, don’t you?

April 24, 2024 8:37 pm
Reply to  MandySky

ReVolution Trailers does more than just restore vintage campers. they breathe new life into them with creative and innovative designs. Their collaboration with artists adds a unique touch to each trailer. The passion for preserving history shines in every refurbished trailer they work on. It’s truly remarkable!

April 24, 2024 7:48 pm

Did you know ReVolution Trailers can turn vintage trailers into personalized gems with retro or modern vibes? They even share their restoration passion through workshops and events. Cool, right?

April 24, 2024 10:23 pm

Let me tell you about ReVolution Trailers – they’re like time travelers for vintage campers! These guys breathe new life into old trailers, making them into eco-friendly dreams on wheels. It’s like a blast from the past mixed with top-notch design, giving you a one-of-a-kind travel experience.

April 25, 2024 3:03 am

Isn’t it cool how ReVolution Trailers is all about sustainability? They’re into recycling and making vintage campers energy-efficient. Plus, they let you personalize your trailer to match your vibe. It’s like having your own unique retreat on wheels!


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