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RVers Transition from Volunteerism to Advocacy, Impacting Social Change

The RV community, known for its spirit of adventure and freedom, is increasingly channeling its passion toward meaningful social change. 

Events like Lippert’s seRV With Purpose at the Jayco Jubilee have showcased the community’s commitment to volunteerism, setting the stage for a deeper involvement in advocacy.

At the Jayco Jubilee, RV enthusiasts from across the nation came together to pack essential items for donation to the local Boys and Girls Club, demonstrating the profound impact collective action can have within the community. 

This event is a prime example of how volunteerism within the RV community is not just about giving back but also about laying the groundwork for sustained social engagement.

The motivations driving RVers to volunteer are multifaceted, ranging from a desire to contribute positively to the communities they visit to seeking a deeper connection with fellow travelers who share similar values, as per the company’s press release.

These motivations often evolve, with many RVers transitioning from participating in one-off volunteer events to engaging in ongoing advocacy efforts for causes they encounter on their travels.

This shift from volunteerism to advocacy is marked by RVers taking active roles in championing environmental conservation, homelessness solutions, and community welfare initiatives.

By leveraging their mobility and networks, RVers are uniquely positioned to bring attention to and advocate for issues across various locales, making them effective agents for change.

The impact of these efforts is tangible, with RVers contributing to local community improvements and raising awareness on a national scale. However, transitioning from volunteerism to advocacy presents challenges, including navigating the complexities of local and national advocacy campaigns and finding the right platforms to amplify their voices.

Industry partners like Lippert play a crucial role in supporting RVers’ advocacy efforts, providing resources, platforms, and encouragement. By fostering a culture of service and advocacy, companies within the RV industry can help amplify the impact of these initiatives.

Featured image from Lippert.

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Kenneth Jackson
Kenneth Jackson
May 6, 2024 7:23 am

Isn’t it amazing to see RVers advocate for causes they love? Their creativity and unity set a shining example. Join me in being inspired by their impactful efforts!


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