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MC Hospitality Highlights

Outdoor Hospitality Report

MC Hospitality Highlights is a monthly report series launched in January 2024 by Modern Campground and Cairn Consulting Group. Each edition delves into a critical topic impacting the outdoor hospitality industry, providing data-driven insights and practical guidance for campground operators. The series aims to empower the industry with actionable information to enhance guest experiences, drive revenue, and foster innovation.

July 2024 Report

The July 2024 report, titled “Creating Memories Together: How Campgrounds Can Thrive by Welcoming Large Groups,” explores strategies for catering to large groups. It highlights the initial return on investment and long-term benefits of enhancing guest experiences by accommodating large groups, using data from surveys and interviews to understand group campers’ needs.

Accommodating large groups can increase revenue, diversify the customer base, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. The report emphasizes the importance of comprehensive facilities and activities for different age groups to create a family-friendly environment and lasting memories, which boosts customer loyalty.

The report also addresses the motivations and challenges of group campers, such as cost-sharing and booking needs. It suggests campgrounds focus on special accommodations and personalized services to manage these challenges effectively, enhancing the overall guest experience and ensuring repeat visits.

2024 Reports

A Highlights family with luggage, deciphering digital experiences for outdoor hospitality excellence.
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A hot air balloon floats over a scenic landscape at sunset. Text: "Small Towns, Big Experiences: Enriching Campgrounds with Local Culture" by Modern Campground and Cairn Consulting Group.
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