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Hoosier National Forest Expands Eclipse Camping Options with Seven New Campgrounds

In anticipation of the 2024 total solar eclipse, the Hoosier National Forest (Indiana) has announced the addition of seven campgrounds to its reservation system, starting today, February 5. This move marks the final phase of preparations for the event, which is expected to draw a significant number of visitors to southern Indiana from March 29 through April 10.

The campgrounds now open for reservations include Blackwell, Hickory Ridge, Shirley Creek, Youngs Creek, Saddle Lake, Buzzard Roost, and German Ridge. 

These sites join others in the national forest’s efforts to accommodate the influx of eclipse watchers, with all developed campground sites requiring reservations during the eclipse period.

To facilitate access and manage the expected crowds, the Forest Service has waived camping fees at German Ridge and Saddle Lake. However, an $8 service fee for online bookings and a $9 fee for telephone reservations apply, ensuring that visitors can secure their spots in advance for this rare astronomical event.

While the campgrounds offer varying levels of amenities, it is noted that most do not provide potable water.

For those seeking a more rugged experience, the Forest Service has also made provisions for free, dispersed camping throughout the national forest, albeit with certain restrictions. Details on these options can be found on the forest’s dispersed camping webpage.

The 2024 eclipse is particularly noteworthy as it is the first to cross the southern half of Indiana since the Great American Eclipse in 2017 and will not occur again until August 2044. The eclipse’s path will cover most of the Hoosier National Forest, making it a prime viewing location.

In addition to the newly opened campgrounds, reservations for other popular sites within the Hoosier National Forest, such as Hardin Ridge, Indian-Celina Lakes, and Tipsaw Lake, began on January 12. These sites are also available exclusively through reservation, highlighting the forest service’s commitment to managing visitor experience during the eclipse.

The expansion of camping options is not only a boon for eclipse watchers but also presents an opportunity for nearby private campgrounds and RV parks. With the national forest campgrounds likely to reach capacity, overflow visitors will seek alternative accommodations, potentially boosting business for local outdoor hospitality providers.

Private campgrounds and RV parks in the vicinity can capitalize on this unique event by offering special packages or themed activities related to the eclipse. This not only enhances the visitor experience but also supports local economies by encouraging spending on additional services such as dining, shopping, and entertainment.

The strategic move by the Hoosier National Forest to open additional campgrounds and implement a reservation system underscores the significance of the 2024 total solar eclipse as a major tourist attraction. It also reflects the broader importance of outdoor recreation and the role of public and private partnerships in enhancing visitor experiences and supporting local communities.

As the date of the eclipse approaches, both visitors and local businesses alike are encouraged to prepare for an unprecedented celebration of nature’s wonders. With careful planning and cooperation, the 2024 total solar eclipse promises to be an unforgettable event for all involved.


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