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Grants KOA Launches Virtual Tour with Innovative Booking Model

Grants KOA is excited to announce the launch of its new campground virtual tour, developed in collaboration with Campground Views. This virtual tour technology allows potential visitors to explore the campground’s amenities and scenic views from the comfort of their homes, providing a realistic and immersive experience that enhances their trip-planning process.

What sets this initiative apart is the unique “price per booking action” model adopted by Grants KOA. Under this innovative approach, the campground only incurs costs when a visitor clicks through the virtual tour to book a site. This performance-based pricing model ensures that Grants KOA pays solely for the direct engagement and booking actions generated by the virtual tour, making it a highly cost-effective and results-oriented marketing tool.

CampgroundViews.com, a provider of virtual tour technology for outdoor destinations, has created over 2,500 park tours, allowing campers to visually explore campgrounds across the country. The virtual tour for Grants KOA showcases the campground’s facilities, beautiful landscapes, and various accommodation options, giving visitors a comprehensive view of what to expect upon arrival.

“We are excited to partner with Grants KOA to deliver this immersive virtual tour experience,” Mark Koep, founder of CampgroundViews.com, said. “Our price-per-booking action model ensures that Grants KOA can maximize its marketing efficiency and achieve measurable results. We believe this approach will set a new standard in the campground and outdoor hospitality industry.

Grants KOA is located in the picturesque region of Grants, New Mexico, offering a serene environment and top-notch amenities for campers. The campground provides a variety of accommodation options, including RV sites, cabins, and tent sites, catering to different types of campers and their preferences.

About Grants KOA Grants

KOA offers a comfortable and convenient camping experience in the heart of New Mexico. With modern amenities and a beautiful natural setting, it is the perfect destination for families, solo travelers, and groups looking to enjoy the great outdoors.

About Campground Views

Campground Views is a provider of virtual tour technology for campgrounds and RV parks. The platform allows campers to virtually tour thousands of parks, enhancing their ability to choose the perfect destination for their outdoor adventures.

To get more details on the campground virtual tours, visit campgroundviews.com

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