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Badgerland Campground Unveils Campground Virtual Tour

Badgerland Campground, a premier outdoor destination nestled in the heart of Stoughton, Wisconsin, is thrilled to announce the launch of its Campground Virtual Tour. This innovative tour allows visitors to explore the park’s picturesque grounds and facilities as if they were right there in person, enhancing the camper experience and simplifying reservations.

The tour was completed in just two weeks from the moment the park first engaged with Campground Views to the delivery of the finished production.

Key features of the Badgerland Campground Virtual Tour include:

Virtual Campground Drive-Through: Visitors can virtually drive through the entire campground, immersing themselves in the natural beauty and charm that Badgerland Campground offers.

Interactive Campsite Details: With a simple click, viewers can access details about individual campsites, making it easier than ever to choose the perfect spot for their stay.

Seamless Booking through Firefly Reservation Engine: The integration of Firefly Reservation Engine allows guests to book their preferred campsite directly through the virtual tour.

Inside Look at Park Facilities: Guests can also explore the interior of the office/store, the park’s bar, and its cozy rental cabins, ensuring they have a complete understanding of what Badgerland Campground has to offer.

Chris Pena, the owner of Badgerland Campground, shared his excitement about this technological advancement: “We are extremely proud to introduce the Badgerland Campground Virtual Tour to our guests. The entire process, from contacting Campground Views to the delivery of the finished product, took only two weeks. The technology behind this virtual tour is astounding, and it has allowed us to bring our campground to life online. We’re confident it will make planning a trip to Badgerland Campground more accessible and enjoyable for our campers.”

The Badgerland Campground Virtual Tour is set to transform the way visitors plan and experience their outdoor adventures. It provides a detailed and immersive view of the campground, allowing potential campers to gain a genuine sense of the park’s unique character and the amenities available.

Featured image from Badgerland Campground.


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