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Campground Views Launches DIY Virtual Tour Kit to Boost Camper Engagement and Increase Bookings

Campground Views is excited to announce the launch of its DIY Campground Virtual Tours. Designed to empower campground owners with the tools to create high-quality, immersive virtual tours, this kit is priced competitively from just $1500, offering a cost-effective solution to enhance online visibility and attract more visitors.

Key Features of the DIY Campground Virtual Tours:

  1. Integrated Monthly Reporting: Our comprehensive analytics tools provide monthly performance reports, demonstrating substantial return on investment for our clients.
  2. Video-Based Tours: Campers can navigate your park effortlessly through our video-based tours, spending more time falling in love with your site and less time figuring out how to get around.
  3. Responsive and Fast: Equipped with our new V2 player, the virtual tours load in fractions of a second, often faster than the website itself, offering a smooth and immediate user experience.
  4. Enhanced Camper Booking Rates: Parks with our virtual tours see higher booking rates, as campers love the interactive exploration and are more likely to book a stay.
  5. Integrated Park Map: The virtual tour technology can be seamlessly linked to your existing park map, making it easy for campers to click and jump to specific sites or features they are interested in.

Benefits for Campground Owners:

  • Attract and Engage More Visitors: By offering a virtual walkthrough, campgrounds enhance their online presence and appeal to tech-savvy visitors who appreciate detailed, interactive site exploration before booking.
  • Directly Increase Revenues: The engaging, interactive format of the tours not only keeps potential guests on your site longer but also encourages them to book, boosting your bottom line.
  • Cost-Effective Investment: At an accessible price point and with proven ROI from current users, the DIY kit is an invaluable addition to your marketing tools.

“We are delighted to offer the DIY Virtual Tour Kits, democratizing access to cutting-edge technology for campground owners across the country,” said Mark Koep, CEO of Campground Views. “Ever park using these tours is seeing the massive benefits of the technology and we are working to make this a universal tool for all serious park operators.”

Availability: The DIY Campground Virtual Tours are now available. To learn more and get started, please visit https://www.campgroundviews.com/diy/

About Campground Views: Campground Views is the leading provider of innovative technological solutions for the campground industry, dedicated to enhancing the camper experience and increasing campground profitability through immersive virtual tours and intuitive booking features.

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