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Key Properties Under CAMBY Management Solutions Now Have Campground Virtual Tours

Mama Gertie’s Hideaway Campground, Great Outdoors RV Resort, and Crossroads Travel RV Park can now be toured virtually through Campground Views’ Campground Virtual Tours.

According to a press release, the experience allows potential campers to travel the roads, look at the sites, inspect the inside of the facilities and click to book any of the available accommodation types.

The virtual tours of Mama Gertie’s Hideaway Campground near Asheville (North Carolina), Great Outdoors RV Resort in Franklin (North Carolina), and Crossroads Travel RV Park in Perry (Georgia) can be directly accessed through their respective websites.

“The positive feedback we are receiving from guests at all these locations is a testament to the effectiveness of the technology,” said Dee Moore, Regional Director of CAMBY Management Solutions. “As a leading provider of property management services this is an example of how we go outside the normal box to deliver above average returns for our investors and clients.”

Mama Gertie’s Hideaway Campground is a “bucket list” destination property for RV campers. The location is terraced into the mountain side with premium RV sites that provide unobstructed 200 degree views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

To access these premium sites RV drivers are required to navigate steep roads with tight turns and that is where this technology shines.

“Allowing potential guests to see the path to their site has cut down on the surprises some faced when arriving for the first time, “ added Moore. “They can now visualize their experience and arrive prepared for the final stretch into their amazing site.”

Great Outdoors RV Resort is a newer property for CAMBY and the Campground Virtual Tour is intended to support the revamped marketing and outreach plan being implemented by the management team.

“This property is a jewel in the North Carolina mountains and the goal with the Campground Virtual Tour is to allow guests to quickly fall in love with the property,” stated Moore.

Crossroads Travel RV Park in Perry Georgia is an example of an old school RV park built long before big rigs and slide outs that CAMBY is updating to modern amenities. This property is conveniently located off Interstate 75 between Atlanta and the Florida State Line.

As the name suggests the RV park is an overnight stop for travelers throughout the region. Dee added: “The Campground Virtual Tour is intended to overcome some of the old online reviews that pre-date our client’s ownership of this property. As you can see it is a well kept park that is easily maneuverable for modern RVers.”

The Campground Virtual Tour is an exclusive product of Campground Views.

“CAMBY immediately recognized the value of the Campground Virtual Tours and is properly applying it for their properties,” said Mark Koep, founder and CEO of Campground Views. “These are examples of 3 completely different styles of RV parks and demonstrate the wide applicability of the technology.”

About CAMBY Management Solutions

CAMBY Management Solutions is a proven industry leader providing best-in-class services for every phase of your Outdoor Hospitality project. With combined expert experience of almost 100 years, we offer property management and consulting services for RV parks and campgrounds in traditional settings as well as REO properties. We specialize in revitalizing under-performing properties and developing parks from concept to execution. For more information visit CAMBY Management Solutions.

About CampgroundViews.com

Campground Views and CampgroundViews.com are the exclusive providers of the widely popular Campground Virtual Tours. No other solution exists like this on the market and the company currently provides Campground Virtual Tours for nearly 1,000 campgrounds, RV parks and glamping destinations across the country. Park operators can learn more by visiting https://www.campgroundviews.com/omg.


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