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Society of Certified RV Professionals’ Recognition Program Announces Recently Certified Industry Personnel 

The Society of Certified RV Professionals is pleased to recognize 23 individuals from nine participating dealerships who earned a new certification, and four individuals that renewed their certification during the first quarter of 2024 through the Mike Molino RV Learning Center Fixed Operations Certification Program. 

Participation in the recognition program allows the society to publicize individuals’ certification achievements on the national level. Those participating in the recognition program are a subgroup of 28 individuals from 14 dealerships who earned certification. 

“On behalf of the entire RV industry, we congratulate these professionals and their dealerships. These accomplishments are proof of their outstanding commitment to customer service and satisfaction,” said RVDA President Phil Ingrassia.  “Not only do they elevate our industry, but on an individual level, each joins an elite group of certified personnel who have successfully met high professional standards.” 

Those in the recognition program that earned a new certification are Brian Wilson (Service Writer/Advisor), Tara Patton (Service Writer/Advisor), Rachel Eddy (Service Writer/Advisor), Taylor Kraft (Service Writer/Advisor), Travis Hahn (Service Writer/Advisor & Parts Specialist), Jase Walton (Service Writer/Advisor & Parts Specialist), Jake Bauman (Service Writer/Advisor & Parts Specialist), Brian Smith (Service Writer/Advisor), Angel Christensen (Service Writer/Advisor), Mitchell Rude (Service Writer/Advisor & Parts Specialist), Aaron Fairchild (Service Writer/Advisor), Kenneth Olson (Service Writer/Advisor), Brian Evenson (Warranty Administrator), Patricia Nachtrieb (Warranty Administrator), Logan Kerney (Warranty Administrator), Zabrena Farris (Warranty Administrator), Joe Brummett (Parts Specialist), Juanita Formo (Parts Specialist), Brittany Lear (Parts Specialist), Chris Vallin (Parts Specialist), Cameron Domine (Parts Specialist), Amelia McBryde (Parts Manager), and Scotty Budig (Service Manager). 

Michael Ellingson (recertified Service Writer/Advisor), Kaitlyn Reinwand (recertified Service Writer/Advisor), Luis Chavez (recertified Service Writer/Advisor), and William Woodall (recertified Service Manager) renewed their certifications. 

Fixed-ops professionals can earn certification as parts managers, parts specialists, service writers/advisors, service managers, and warranty administrators through the Mike Molino RV Learning Center, which offers online testing, certification, and recertification.

The center’s credentials were developed by experts at The Ohio State University’s Center for Education and Training for Employment and a team of top-performing, demographically diverse working professionals. Suppliers, distributors, dealer-owners, and manufacturers were also involved in developing the programs. For information, visit www.rvlearningcenter.com

The Society of Certified RV Professionals promotes and recognizes certification among employees who work in the RV industry. Certified personnel benefit the RV industry by improving the customer experience.

Fixed operations personnel who are trained and certified become more efficient, which improves a dealership’s Repair Event Cycle Time (RECT) and leads to higher customer satisfaction. Recertifying and maintaining certification demonstrate an individual’s ongoing commitment to staying current in an industry driven by changing technology and high consumer expectations.  

For more information about the society and to learn how your dealership can participate in the recognition program, visit the RV Learning Center website.  

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