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Teepees: The Next Wellness Retreat Venue at Glamping Sites?

As the quest for wellness and authentic travel experiences continues to shape the tourism landscape, teepees might become the new sanctuaries for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and find solace in the tranquility of the outdoors.

These traditional structures, steeped in the rich history of the Native American way of life, offer a unique blend of cultural depth and natural simplicity, promising a retreat experience that goes beyond the ordinary. 

They cater to a specific demographic of travelers who prioritize experiences that foster wellness, self-reflection, and a connection to heritage. As a result, these iconic dwellings are being reimagined as spaces for meditation, yoga, and other wellness practices. 

Although the landscape of glamping accommodations shows a clear preference for cabins and tiny homes, averaging 7.5 structures per property; teepees are less prevalent, with an average of just 0.6 structures per site. 

This disparity highlights an untapped market niche in the glamping industry, particularly as the demand for diverse and culturally immersive experiences grows among a new generation of glampers seeking uniqueness in their outdoor adventures.

However, the distinct allure of teepees in the market still holds considerable significance. As noted in the Glamping Americas 2023 State of the Industry Report, teepees have an Average Daily Rate (ADR) of $105. 

This pricing presents an intriguing prospect for glamping site owners, suggesting that incorporating teepees into their property could be a beneficial addition to attract guests looking for a unique and culturally rich lodging experience.

Tepee, a glamping accommodation in Matakana, New Zealand, is at the forefront of this trend, offering a unique blend of luxury and traditional camping experiences as a way for people to experience the great outdoors without forgoing the comforts of modern living. 

At Tepee, guests can stay in off-grid tepee glamping tents equipped with quality bedding, fairy lights, and convenient access to bathroom facilities. Each tepee boasts a communal outdoor space that features a fire pit and picnic table for guests to connect with nature and each other.

“Connected by wooden walkways we have set up three tepee sites on large circular timber platforms, hovering over native rushes and grasses at the bottom of our 1.1 ha (roughly 2.7 acres) property,” as Tepee stated to describe its facilities. 

Tepee’s setting, nestled among pine and native trees, offers a serene environment that encourages guests to unwind, unplug from the daily rush, and reconnect with nature, providing the essence of a true glamping experience.

The site is strategically located a short drive from Matakana Village and Omaha Beach, offering a plethora of activities ranging from water sports and farmers markets to vineyard tours and yoga & wellness classes. 

This integration of accommodation and local experiences not only caters to the guests’ desire for relaxation but also immerses them in the rich culture of the Matakana Coast, offering a retreat that nourishes the body, stimulates the mind, and rejuvenates the spirit.

Meanwhile, companies such as Oregon-based Nomadics Tipi Makers are dedicated to the art of creating authentic tipis (also spelled as tepee or teepee), maintaining the historic three-pole structure that is a hallmark of the Native American tribes from the Great Plains region. 

Known for their work on the film “Dances With Wolves,” Nomadics has become synonymous with quality craftsmanship and authenticity in tipi making, offering a range of tipi sizes and accessories that cater to both individual needs and glamping sites. 

Their tipis feature oversized doors, lockable zipper/screen doors, and optional accessories like Critter Guards and Rain Caps to enhance comfort. With over 70 designs available, customers can personalize their tipis with hand-painted artwork and custom designs.

Furthermore, they contribute to Native American and environmental causes, reinforcing the connection between their business practices and the reverence for nature that is central to Native American culture.

As more campground owners plan to integrate wellness services into their offerings, the utilization of teepees for activities like yoga and meditation represents a significant opportunity for glamping site owners and the outdoor hospitality industry. 

This trend caters to a growing segment of travelers seeking authentic, culturally rich, and wellness-oriented outdoor experiences. For site owners, investing in teepees means tapping into a market that values sustainability, authenticity, and a deeper engagement with nature and local culture.

Moreover, the versatility and aesthetic appeal of teepees can differentiate glamping sites in a competitive market. By offering a unique and immersive lodging experience, site owners can attract both domestic and international visitors looking for unconventional retreats.

As this trend continues to grow, it may inspire a broader movement towards more sustainable and culturally integrated tourism practices, positioning the outdoor hospitality industry as a leader in responsible and innovative travel experiences.

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February 24, 2024 8:47 pm

Teepees epitomize nature and heritage, creating a tranquil space for wellness retreats and self-discovery. Opulent tepee glamping offers a unique blend of comfort and tradition.


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