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RV Industry Association Welcomes Innovative New Members in October 2023 Amidst Market Evolution

The RV Industry Association (RVIA), a pivotal entity in the recreational vehicle (RV) market, has announced the induction of new members in October 2023. This development comes at a time when the RV industry is navigating through a transformative phase, marked by technological advancements and shifting consumer preferences.

October’s cohort of RVIA’s new members includes a diverse group of manufacturers and suppliers, each bringing unique expertise and innovation to the table. 

These additions reflect RVIA’s ongoing commitment to fostering an environment conducive to growth and excellence in the RV sector, as per the Association’s News & Insights report.

Ballast Holdings, Inc., operating under the brand TOURIG, is one of the notable entrants. Based in Golden, Colorado, TOURIG has carved a niche in the Class B motorhome segment, known for its robust and luxury custom-built motorhomes that cater to the adventurous spirit of modern travelers.

Prime Time Specialty Vehicles, Inc., stationed in the RV manufacturing hub of Elkhart, Indiana, joins the association with a reputation for quality craftsmanship in Class B motorhomes. Their vehicles are designed to offer comfort and convenience, aligning with the evolving demands of RV enthusiasts.

Sequoia and Salt LLC, another new member from Neptune City, New Jersey, extends the list of Class B motorhome manufacturers joining the RVIA. Their inclusion signifies the growing market for compact, versatile RVs that promise both mobility and the comforts of home.

On the supply side, EZ RV Solutions from Robbinsville, New Jersey, steps into the RVIA fold with its specialized RV tank treatments. Their products are essential for maintaining the hygiene and functionality of RV sanitation systems, a critical aspect of the RV experience.

Xmark, hailing from Nampa, Idaho, contributes to the industry as a supplier of plumbing supplies and fixtures. Their range of products is integral to ensuring that RVs provide the reliable home-like amenities that are increasingly important to consumers.

The entrance of these new members is poised to have a significant impact on the RV industry. They represent the industry’s drive towards innovation, customer satisfaction, and adherence to safety and quality standards that the RVIA champions.

Current trends in the RV market, as observed in recent industry updates, indicate a dynamic shift in production and consumer behavior. Despite a temporary dip in RV shipments in 2023, the market is expected to rebound, with predictions suggesting a robust manufacturing forecast for 2024.

The RV industry is not without its challenges, including fluctuating interest rates and the need for continuous innovation in safety and integration. However, the new members of the RVIA are seen as key players in addressing these challenges, bringing fresh perspectives and solutions to the forefront.

For those interested in reaching out to the new members, contact information is available through the RVIA’s official channels. Engaging with these companies provides insight into their operations and contributions to the RV landscape.


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