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RVIA Expands Membership, Promotes Growth, and Overcomes Challenges in the US RV Market

The RV Industry Association (RVIA), a significant organization in the United States, represents over 500 manufacturers and component and aftermarket suppliers. These members collectively produce 98% of all RVs made in the U.S. 

The association’s mission is to unify the RV industry’s initiatives on safety and education, grow and expand the RV market, pursue a favorable business environment for the industry, and cultivate a positive RV experience for all consumers.

In July 2023, several new members joined the association, adding to the diverse and robust community of RV manufacturers and suppliers. These include RoyPow Technology Ltd., a supplier located in Fresno, CA, and Trim-Lok, Inc., another supplier based in Buena Park, CA, which provides gaskets and plastic products for RVs. 

On the manufacturer side, Goodwater Tiny Homes, LLC, an Oregon-based company that manufactures park model RVs, also joined the association.

Membership in the RV Industry Association is open to companies and businesses that are actively engaged in manufacturing RVs and Park Model RVs, as per the News & Insights report of the RVIA.

This also includes those providing a product or service, directly or indirectly, to an RV manufacturer, Park Model RV manufacturer, component supplier, aftermarket supplier, or other wholesale participant in the industry. 

The association encourages other businesses in the industry to join and be part of the national trade association representing RV manufacturers and their component parts suppliers.

The benefits of being an RVIA member are numerous. The association represents the manufacturers and component suppliers who produce approximately 98% of all RVs manufactured in North America. 

It unites the diverse RV industry and forges alliances to form a strong, single voice. Membership in the Association directly funds the signature programs and initiatives to promote the health, growth, and expansion of the RV industry.

The RVIA is the voice for the industry at the federal and state level. It works with officials across the country to advocate on a wide range of issues that create a favorable business environment, protect against onerous legislation and regulations, and make it easier for consumers to buy, drive, and own an RV.

In 2023, the RV industry faced several challenges and trends. The top challenge was rising product prices, with 27% of respondents from a survey indicating it’s their biggest challenge. This was closely followed by the challenge of hiring and retaining talent. 

Sales of recreational vehicles were down by almost half in 2023, according to data from the RVIA. However, despite the slump, the industry continued to adapt and innovate.

The spring edition of RV RoadSigns, the quarterly industry forecast, projected a total of between 578,000 and 603,300 RV units would be produced and shipped to dealers in 2022. The RVIA said it expects the total to be about 591,100. 

This would be a 1.5% drop from the 2021 shipment total. Despite these challenges, the RV industry continues to be a significant part of the American economy and lifestyle, with the RVIA at the forefront of ensuring its growth and sustainability.

The RV Industry Association plays a crucial role in the growth and development of the RV industry in the United States. With its new members in July 2023, the association continues to expand its reach and influence, promoting the health, growth, and expansion of the RV industry. 

Despite facing challenges such as rising product prices and a slump in sales, the industry remains resilient, adapting and innovating to meet the changing needs of consumers. The association’s role in this resilience cannot be overstated, making membership in the RVIA a valuable asset for any company in the RV industry.

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February 24, 2024 1:20 pm

Delightful news! The RV Industry Association’s widened membership offers valuable networking opportunities and a chance to thrive.

April 1, 2024 8:29 pm

Isn’t it cool how the RV Industry Association is all about helping members grow and connect in the RV world? They’re really working hard to keep things exciting and sustainable for the future. What are your thoughts on this?

Olive Grove
Olive Grove
May 1, 2024 1:51 am

Have you heard about the RV Industry Association facing challenges in the US RV market? It’s crucial for us to keep an eye on their strategies for a thriving RV community.


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