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Rollick’s “Future of Buying” Study Elevates Consumer Engagement in Outdoor Recreation Vehicle Market

Rollick, a renowned name in outdoor recreation marketing, technology, and market research, has unveiled its comprehensive Future of Buying study. 

This groundbreaking research provides in-depth insights into consumer behaviors, particularly focusing on the Marine, RV, and Powersports sectors, and is set to transform the way these industries interact with their customer base.

The study, which involved close to 27,000 participants, delves into the nuances of consumer engagement with brands and dealers during the shopping and purchasing processes of recreation vehicles. 

It highlights the tools, technologies, and resources that consumers are currently utilizing and are likely to depend on in the future. 

This research is poised to serve as a strategic guide for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and dealers, helping them navigate the evolving consumer landscape. The emphasis is on transparent communication, personalized approaches, and the agility of strategies to build and maintain customer loyalty across diverse outdoor recreation categories.

Bernie Brenner, CEO of Rollick, underscored the importance of the study in understanding the shifts in consumer buying behaviors, especially in the post-COVID era. 

Brenner stated, “As we unveil the ‘Future of Buying’ study to measure the shifts in consumer buying behaviors from COVID, it marks a pivotal moment for Rollick and the entire outdoor recreation industry.” 

He emphasized that the insights provided by the study are crucial for manufacturers and dealers to accurately gauge the shopping preferences of today’s buyers. 

Brenner pointed out the changing demographics, evolving communication trends, and the dynamic shift towards online interaction as key factors influencing consumer behavior. He added, “At Rollick, we’re not just observing the changes but leading the charge in adapting products and strategies that make a difference to brand loyalty and purchase decisions for our valued OEMs and dealers.”

Rollick’s role in the outdoor recreation vehicle industry extends beyond research. The company plays a pivotal role in connecting manufacturers, dealers, finance, and insurance providers with in-market consumers in the Powersports, RV, and Marine industries. This connection is aimed at delivering a seamless customer journey. Rollick’s solutions, which are utilized by over 130 OEMs and thousands of dealers, include new customer acquisition, enterprise lead management, digital retailing, inventory marketing, customer experience/loyalty, and marketing automation.

Furthermore, Rollick has significantly expanded its GoRollick.com outdoor recreational vehicle buying marketplace. This platform now includes a nationwide network of dealers and an affinity partner network, providing access to over 250 million high-quality customers. These customers include policyholders of major insurance providers, employees at more than 2,000 top U.S. companies, and members of the military, veterans, and first responders.

The “Future of Buying” study is particularly relevant for the RV and outdoor recreation industry, which has seen a surge in consumer interest and market growth in recent years. The insights from this study offer these industries a unique opportunity to understand and adapt to the changing preferences and behaviors of their customer base. By leveraging the data and strategies outlined in the study, businesses in the RV and outdoor recreation sectors can enhance their customer engagement, tailor their marketing strategies, and ultimately drive sales and customer loyalty.

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May 20, 2024 4:22 pm

Did you know that Rollick’s study reveals exciting insights into consumer behaviors in outdoor sectors? It’s like a backstage pass to understanding buyer trends and boosting brand loyalty for dealers and manufacturers!


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