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New Nature-Focused Hospitality Brand Launches

Nook Experiences has announced the launch of its soft brand, marking a new chapter in nature-focused accommodations. 

Photo courtesy of Nook Experiences

The brand introduces five new members: Onera, Dunya Camp, Historic Tapoco Lodge, Camp Comfort, and Callicoon Hills, each offering unique, design-forward, and experience-centered accommodations tailored for group, corporate, and event reservations.

Nook Experiences aims to cater to a wide range of preferences, dividing its properties into three categories: one-of-a-kind experiences, upscale glamping, and boutique outdoor hotels. This strategic categorization ensures that Nook can accommodate guests with varying levels of comfort in nature, providing memorable stays that foster a reconnection with the outdoors.

Ben Wolff, co-founder and developer of Onera, expressed his pride in being part of Nook’s launch. 

“We’re honored to be an inaugural member of Nook, who are striving to set the standard for outdoor hospitality. Guests are looking for elevated, one-of-a-kind experiences that connect them to the great outdoors. Onera was founded on this premise and all of Nook’s members are cut from the same cloth,” Wolff said. 

He emphasized the brand’s commitment to elevating outdoor hospitality standards and meeting the growing demand for unique, nature-connected experiences.

Sangeetha Ramkumar, owner of Dunya Camp, echoed Wolff’s sentiments, noting Nook’s alignment with her property’s focus on experiential hospitality in nature. Ramkumar’s excitement about joining the expanding community underscores the brand’s potential to lead in the outdoor hospitality market.

“Nook’s focus on the experiential aspect of hospitality in relation to nature directly aligns with our values at Dunya Camp. We’re excited to be a part of the vanguard of this growing community,” Ramkumar said. 

David Pontius, founder & CEO of Nook Experiences, stated that the brand’s launch is the culmination of over 40 years of experience in hospitality and resort development. Pontius highlighted the brand’s commitment to offering distinctive experiences that resonate with the growing demand for nature-centric, experiential getaways.

“With the launch of these properties, we’re excited to offer distinctive experiences that resonate with the growing demand for nature-centric experiential getaways,” he said. 

For campground, glamping, and outdoor hospitality operators, Nook’s launch represents an opportunity to learn from a brand that successfully blends luxury with nature. The emphasis on design-forward accommodations and experience-centered services can serve as a benchmark for operators looking to enhance their offerings and appeal to a broader audience.

As the outdoor hospitality industry continues to evolve, Nook Experiences’ launch is a timely reminder of the sector’s potential for innovation and growth. The brand’s focus on connecting travelers with nature through carefully curated accommodations sets a new standard for the industry.

Featured image from Nook Experiences


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