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Impulsify, Horizon Outdoor Hospitality Unveil Self-Service Outdoor Hospitality Community Market

Impulsify, a leader in self-service grab-and-go retail solutions, has joined forces with Horizon Outdoor Hospitality to usher in a new era of convenience for the outdoor hospitality industry. 

The result is the introduction of the very first Impulsify-Designed self-service Community Market, situated at the Las Vegas RV Resort. This remarkable partnership sets a new standard within the industry, bringing forth a self-service grab-and-go retail solution designed to cater to the unique needs of campgrounds, glamping sites, and RV parks.

A pivotal element contributing to this success is a dual-pronged, technology-driven approach. 

The ShopPoP Self-Service kiosk streamlines transactions, enhancing the shopping experience, and eliminating the labor burden on the park’s staff. Additionally, Impulsify’s ImpulsePoint: Retail Management System plays a crucial role by automating inventory management, replenishment, and monitoring product performance and revenue. This approach not only lightens the traditional retail burdens but also equips park managers to offer a profitable retail solution without extensive retail training.

Janine Williams, CEO & founder of Impulsify, expressed her enthusiasm, emphasizing the value of this innovative partnership. She stated, “We specialize in helping non-retail businesses add ridiculously profitable retail operations to their commercial real estate common areas. As an Alaskan who lives in Colorado, outdoor hospitality has a super special spot in my heart. It is an absolute dream to bring this to an industry I love, partnering with a truly innovative leader like Scott Foos.”

To ensure that the self-service market offerings align perfectly with the resort’s unique demographic and preferences, Impulsify’s Retail Design Team draws from data gleaned from millions of transactions in extended stay hotels and multifamily residences. This data serves as a point of reference for identifying best-selling products by region, along with specialty categories such as pet supplies, RV accessories, and branded merchandise. The result is a data-driven market design that maximizes engagement and performance.

This transformative partnership between Impulsify and Horizon Outdoor Hospitality has not only set a new benchmark for self-service markets in the outdoor hospitality sector but also introduced a new source of incremental revenue for park owners. It enhances the visitor experience, offering unmatched convenience and accessibility beyond office hours, all while significantly reducing associated labor costs.

Scott Foos, CEO & Partner of Horizon, acknowledged the benefits of this innovative solution, stating, “In a world where guests are seeking convenience on their terms and operating costs continue to escalate, implementing a self-service grab-and-go retail solution makes abundant sense for many outdoor destinations.” 

This partnership exemplifies how innovation and collaboration can elevate the outdoor hospitality industry, offering campgrounds and RV parks a valuable opportunity to boost their revenue while delivering an enhanced guest experience. 

As guests increasingly seek convenience and flexibility, this solution addresses their needs while reducing operational costs for outdoor destinations. The success of this partnership paves the way for further innovation and expansion within the outdoor hospitality sector, benefiting not only campground and RV park owners but also the industry as a whole.

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Barbara Scott
Barbara Scott
February 21, 2024 2:28 pm

This groundbreaking partnership between Impulsify and Horizon Outdoor Hospitality is set to revolutionize the retail experience in outdoor hospitality. The ShopPoP Self-Service kiosk and ImpulsePoint system not only improve customer experience but also provide valuable insights to resort management. Promising times ahead!


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