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Jayco Pioneers the Future of RV Travel with Innovative Connected RV System

Jayco, a renowned name in the recreational vehicle industry, is on the brink of elevating the RV experience. In collaboration with its parent company, THOR Industries, Jayco is set to pilot a state-of-the-art GPS-based connected vehicle system. 

This groundbreaking initiative aims to offer Jay Flight owners a personalized travel experience, providing them with tailored travel recommendations, trip inspirations, and a plethora of other relevant information based on their RV’s model.

The evaluation process, which is slated to involve Jay Flights from Model Years 2019-2024, stands as a testament to Jayco’s unwavering commitment to innovation. This commitment is deeply rooted in the company’s ethos, which revolves around fostering community and enhancing the outdoor experience. 

“Jayco owners are always ready to embrace new ways to come together and reconnect in the outdoors,” remarked Jayco President & CEO Ken Walters.

This pilot program offers them a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of technological advancement in the RV sector.

THOR Industries‘ robust and secure connected vehicle system serves as the backbone of this technology. By harnessing location data, Jayco envisions sending custom communications to pilot participants. These communications are designed to inspire and facilitate their next RVing adventure. From recommendations of picturesque nearby campgrounds to exclusive money-saving offers, the system promises a holistic RV experience.

Moreover, the content curated for the RV owners is not just limited to travel destinations. It encompasses a wide array of information, including maintenance tips, ensuring that the RV owners extract the maximum value from their vehicle. Jayco’s endeavor is not just about enhancing the travel experience; it’s about building a community of well-informed and satisfied RV owners.

Currently, Jayco is in the process of recruiting select Jay Flight owners from Model Years 2019-2024 to be a part of this transformative pilot group. The criteria for participation have been meticulously crafted to ensure the success of the pilot. Participants are expected to use their Jay Flight for a specified number of days during the pilot period and are required to provide feedback through periodic surveys.

The feedback loop is crucial. It will offer Jayco invaluable insights, enabling them to refine and enhance the system further. “The results will provide invaluable insights as Jayco and the THOR family of companies shape and refine connected vehicle systems to enhance the RV experience and create a point of differentiation for all vehicles and owners across all of our operating companies,” stated THOR Industries senior vice president of global innovation, McKay Featherstone.

Jayco’s GPS-based connected vehicle system, powered by THOR Industries, is poised to set a new benchmark in the RV industry. By seamlessly blending technology with the timeless joy of RVing, Jayco is not just offering an enhanced travel experience; it’s shaping the future of RV travel.

Featured image from Jayco

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May 14, 2024 1:24 am

Isn’t it wild that Jayco’s connected RV system goes beyond just sending tips? It monitors RV systems in real time too! This tech leap is changing the game for RV travel. Owners will get a whole new level of experience. What do you think about this innovation from Jayco?


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