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News for August 14, 2022

Seventh Street Caravans Becomes First NSW Dealership To Attain RDAP Accreditation


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The Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA) announced Seventh Street Caravans as the first NSW-based dealership to attain accreditation in the National Retail Dealership Accreditation Program (RDAP).

With a focus on leadership and professionalism, the RDAP identifies industry leaders, recognizing their professionalism in achieving standard performance levels in business planning, risk management, business improvement, HR management and Sales, and Service conduct, according to a news release.

The program provides a framework for good business practice, encouraging constant review and improvement. It also gives assurance to consumers and the industry that the business possesses a commitment to quality and good customer service.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Maree and Aidan from Seventh Street Caravans into the Retail Dealership Accreditation Program.  Attaining accreditation is a challenging process with the outcome highlighting their commitment to implementing best business practices in all facets of their dealership,” said CIAA CEO Stuart Lamont.

“Transparency has never been more important; the release of the ACCC’s findings will bring uncertainty to the industry as Consumers are left wondering about the industry standards,” said Maree Saggers of Seventh Street Caravans.

“As business owners, we need to ensure we deliver every confidence to our consumers, the confidence to buy is increased when there is an industry-based accreditation.”

Saggers said the Seventh Street Caravans is thrilled to become the first NSW_accredited retail dealership. They thanked the program and congratulated CIAA giving them the chance to have the accreditation and recommending the program to all dealers to ensure consumer confidence is restored.

Any dealership interested in finding out more about RDAP can visit https://www.caravanindustry.com.au/dealer-accreditation/register-your-interest.


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