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News for December 10, 2023

Caravan Industry Association of Australia to Give Away AU$1 Million to Lucky Camper

One lucky camper will be offered a chance to win AU$1,000,000 by simply enjoying a road trip and supporting Australian tourism, according to a report.

As tourism looks to recover, and with camping still only at 90% of Pre Covid levels nationally, this is an initiative to support regional businesses’ recovery.

If campers go to a specific area, that is good for all businesses, from the increased number of visitors to local places of interest and dining. The winter months, especially in the states of the south, see lower numbers of visitors which further limits their ability to recuperate.

With Australians falling in love with camping and wanting to reconnect with the simpler things in life, the aim is to encourage all Australians, and the 840,000 registered RVs in Australia to take a winter trip.

There are multiple physical and emotional benefits to a camping trip, which can be accessed by merely looking to reconnect with a simpler life, visiting family and friends, enjoying nature, and being outdoors.

“Taking one extra camping trip this winter, it’s not only good for your wellness and happiness, but it also supports regional tourism and puts the money directly into the hands of small business,” said Keelan Howard, the general manager of Marketing at Caravan Industry Association of Australia.

With an aim to reconnect Australians to regional Australia, the entry system is determined based on a zoning system collaborating with over 1405 caravan parks across the nation.

The further away participants camp from their state’s capital city, the more points they will accrue.

The campaign begins on June 1, 2022, and ends on October 31, 2022- furthering regional tourism in a period when national participation numbers decrease.

Working with state associations to benefit their membership, education, and safety has been critical for the initial launch.

It’s not just helpful in bringing people camping and camping, which is essential for improving health and well-being. It’s also perfect for supporting regional Australia.

This article originally appeared on Mirage News.


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