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Aspen Group Plans New Holiday and Residential Park in Normanville, South Australia

Aspen Group, an established player in lifestyle and community development, has announced plans to create a dual-purpose development in Normanville, a serene beachside area on the Fleurieu Peninsula, 76 kilometers south of Adelaide. 

The project is set to include a holiday park along with a retirement community, blending leisure and residential living seamlessly.

The development will occupy a 10.6-hectare site at 129 Williss Drive, which Aspen acquired in September 2023 for $2.6 million. The plan features 20 holiday cabins, 20 ensuite caravan sites, and 79 camping sites designed to attract tourists seeking a getaway in a picturesque setting, as reported by the Urban Developer.

Additionally, the site will cater to retirees with 181 land-lease homes that promise modern amenities and community facilities including an outdoor pool and a bowling green.

Aspen’s initiative not only aims to provide a recreational haven but also to address the growing demand for affordable housing in regional areas. According to industry trends, investments in land-lease communities have seen a steady rise, reflecting a shift towards affordable and regional living solutions. 

Major developers like Stockland have also recognized this trend, investing in similar projects under their Halcyon brand which was launched in 2021 and has recently unveiled four new communities in Victoria.

Adjacent to the proposed development is The Beachside Holiday Park and the site encompasses the State Heritage Place, the former Ferguson’s Flour Mill. The mill, a mid-19th-century bluestone and sandstone complex, adds a historical dimension to the site, though current plans do not yet detail its future development.

The application submitted by Aspen Group proposes a change in use for the site to a caravan and residential park, with further plans to seek approval for the construction of homes and facilities. This development step is crucial as it paves the way for the realization of the project while ensuring compliance with local planning regulations.

Aspen plans to manage the tourist and residential aspects of the park jointly, leveraging its extensive experience in community management to ensure a cohesive living and recreational experience. 

The development is positioned about 1.5 kilometers south of Normanville’s township, providing easy access to local amenities while offering a retreat-like environment close to nature.

The project is anticipated to have a positive economic impact on Normanville, potentially boosting local tourism and providing new jobs during and after construction. It also aligns with broader economic trends where regional and rural areas are becoming increasingly attractive for both living and investment due to their affordability and quality of life.

While the development promises several benefits, it also faces potential challenges such as environmental concerns and the need for integration with the local community. Aspen Group has expressed commitment to addressing these issues through careful planning and ongoing dialogue with community stakeholders.

Aspen Group’s new development in Normanville represents a strategic blending of holiday leisure and residential comfort. It aims to enhance the local economy and provide appealing living options, reflecting a growing trend towards more integrated community developments in regional Australia.

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