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Grand County Greenlights Glamping Eco-Resort

The Grand County Commission (Utah) has approved a new glamping eco-resort, marking a notable development in the region’s outdoor hospitality sector. 

The decision, made at the January 16 meeting, ended with a 6-1 vote, showcasing a strong favor towards the innovative project, with Commissioner Trish Hedin as the sole dissenting voice, a report highlighted.

Developer Matt Kareus of Fort Collins, Colorado, expressed optimism about the resort’s future, aiming for an opening within a year and a half to two years. However, the project still awaits further approvals, including a site plan and plat approval, before it can materialize.

The commission’s support for the project stemmed from several key factors. These included the project’s alignment with conservation efforts, its provision for employee housing, and its relatively small impact compared to what the current zoning laws would allow. 

This decision reflects a growing trend in the glamping industry, where environmental stewardship and community benefits are increasingly becoming critical factors in project approvals.

The resort, comprising 16 units, plans to offer an array of amenities including an activity center, two swimming pools, and trails. With an anticipated average daily rate of $2,000 per unit, the resort is projected to generate significant Transient Room Tax revenue, comparable to a 150-room hotel charging $200 a night. This pricing strategy positions the resort at the higher end of the market, indicating a growing segment in the glamping industry catering to luxury experiences.

The project’s initial proposal faced rejection in February 2022, with the commission suggesting revisions including employee housing and a permanent conservation easement. 

The revised proposal, which includes five on-site housing units for employees and 20 off-site deed-restricted units, along with a 136-acre conservation easement, reflects the industry’s increasing focus on sustainable and community-friendly practices.

The discussion around the project also highlighted the potential for more impactful development under the land’s current zoning. Commission vice chair Kevin Walker and Commissioner Evan Clapper’s remarks pointed to the project as a preferable alternative to more invasive development options, a sentiment that resonates with the glamping industry’s ethos of minimal environmental footprint.

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Karen Hill
Karen Hill
February 18, 2024 8:32 pm

Have you heard the freshest buzz? The glamping eco-resort in Grand County is not just your run-of-the-mill getaway spot. With its focus on conservation efforts, employee housing, and sustainable practices, it’s setting a new standard for posh outdoor accommodations. And those awe-inspiring views and exclusive trails? Simply captivating!


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