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The Dyrt Report: Flooding, Natural Disasters Impact 1 in 5 Campers’ Plans

According to the 2023 Camping Report by the camping app, The Dyrt, 18.1% of campers changed or canceled plans due to flooding and natural disasters last year. 

As per a release, this issue is becoming increasingly relevant as most of Yosemite National Park is now closing because of imminent flooding caused by a heatwave melting the area’s record snowpack.

Flooding has become a significant concern for campers and outdoor enthusiasts in the United States. For instance, massive flooding occurred in Yellowstone National Park in 2022, and campgrounds in New Mexico and Iowa closed earlier this month due to similar issues. 

The Dyrt camper Lulu Luna Turbin from Hauser, Idaho, shared her experience: “Last year, I was riding my motorbike in northern California, and all of a sudden, the road was closed because of a mudslide. I’m planning a two-week trip back there this year, and there are reports of roads shifting. There’s been crazy snow and rain.”

The Dyrt’s research reveals that nearly one in five campers altered their plans in 2022 due to flooding and natural disasters, approximately triple the 6.1% of campers who faced disruptions in 2019. Over the same three-year period, campers reported that finding an available campsite had become five times more challenging.

The Dyrt CEO Kevin Long attributes this increase in difficulty to the surge in camping’s popularity, stating, “People have to plan further and further ahead to make sure they can reserve a campsite. So when a family has a trip planned and a national park, state park, or campground is forced to close due to a flood, it’s not as easy as pushing it off a week or just finding another campground.

Avid campers – those who camped 11 or more times in 2022 – were more likely to have their plans disrupted by floods and natural disasters, with 26.6% encountering issues last year. These campers also comprise more than half of The Dyrt PRO members, who can access features like free camping maps to find last-minute alternatives.

In light of these challenges, campers are encouraged to stay informed about weather conditions and potential risks when planning their trips. Monitoring official updates from national and state parks and local authorities can help individuals and families make informed decisions about their travel plans.

Campers and outdoor enthusiasts must adapt to these changing environmental conditions. Awareness, preparedness, and flexibility are critical factors in ensuring enjoyable and safe camping experiences amidst the increasing prevalence of flooding and natural disasters.


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