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RV Technical Institute Spearheads Industry Advancement with Inaugural Learning Partner Conference

The RV Technical Institute marked a significant milestone in the RV industry by hosting its inaugural Authorized Learning Partner Conference on December 4-5, 2023. 

This landmark event, held at the Institute’s headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana, convened a diverse group of companies, all dedicated to the training and development of RV technicians.

The conference brought together 29 Authorized Learning Partner managers and trainers, representing an impressive network of 393 partner locations. This network includes 389 dealerships, two correctional facilities, and two technician colleges, highlighting the extensive reach and commitment of the Institute in fostering technical education in the RV sector.

The two-day event focused on providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of the tools and resources available through the RV Technical Institute. This initiative is part of the Institute’s ongoing efforts to elevate the success rate of training programs across its partner locations.

Attendees were given an exclusive tour of the Institute’s state-of-the-art facilities, including the lab areas. These tours were not just informative but also served as brainstorming sessions for the participants to conceptualize and discuss potential training setups at their respective locations.

A significant portion of the conference was dedicated to discussing various training structure options. This dialogue was aimed at assisting Learning Partners in developing training programs that are best suited to their unique operational needs and geographical locations.

The event also served as a platform for the exchange of ideas among existing Learning Partners. By combining these ideas with the resources of the Institute, the conference fostered a collaborative environment aimed at achieving mutual success and advancing the quality of RV technician training.

The RV Technical Institute’s Authorized Learning Partner Conference is a critical component of its “Hub and Spoke” model. This model is designed to build a robust network of training locations across the United States, all offering the Institute’s gold standard curriculum.

Learning partners are instrumental in this model, amplifying the reach of the Institute’s training programs nationwide. Currently, these partners are responsible for training and certifying more than 85% of the Institute’s students, which translates to over 15,000 learners.

The conference underscored the importance of industry unity in the training and development of qualified service technicians. By bringing together various stakeholders, the event highlighted the collective effort required to maintain and elevate the standards of RV technician training.

Furthermore, the conference presented an opportunity for attendees to contribute to the ongoing development and delivery of the gold standard in RV technician training. This standard is not only a benchmark for quality but also a key factor in attracting new talent to the field of RV technician careers.

The RV Technical Institute’s initiative is a testament to the industry’s commitment to professional development and technical excellence. By investing in the training and certification of RV technicians, the Institute is ensuring that the RV industry continues to thrive and meet the evolving needs of RV enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The RV Technical Institute’s first Authorized Learning Partner Conference represents a significant step forward in the professional development of RV technicians. Through collaborative efforts, innovative training models, and a commitment to excellence, the Institute is setting a new standard in RV technical education, ultimately benefiting the entire RV industry.

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February 24, 2024 3:57 am

This event sounds like a remarkable opportunity for industry professionals to come together and enhance their skills. The hands-on workshops and new online platform show a sincere commitment to advancing RV technician training. I’m inspired by the dedication to ongoing professional development in the RV industry!


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