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RV Retailer is Now Blue Compass RV

Earlier this week, RV Retailer LLC, one of the fastest-growing RV retail companies, unveiled its new brand, Blue Compass RV.

In a LinkedIn post, founder and CEO Jon Ferrando said the Blue Compass RV brand and logo reflect their purpose-driven, passionate associates helping customers navigate their RV adventures across America.

According to Ferrando, four and a half years ago, upon launching the company, they had a bold vision to create a great RV company around a positive culture for associates and an exceptional customer experience. 

“Next year, we will roll out the Blue Compass RV brand across America in our 100+ stores! The Blue Compass RV brand and logo reflect our purpose-driven passionate associates helping customers navigate their RV adventures across America while creating lasting memories with their families and friends,” Ferrando’s post reads.

According to Blue Compass RV’s post, the company has grown to 106 dealerships over the past four years spanning 33 states coast-to-coast. 

“Now, we’ve come together as one with a new look and name. Proud and excited about the road ahead,” the post indicated. 

RV Retailer, LLC has changed its name to Blue Compass RV. The new look and name greater reflect the company’s desire to help customers navigate their entire RV journey—exceeding expectations from purchase to service across every mile, no matter where their RV adventures take them. 

With 106 dealerships across 33 states, Blue Compass RV is taking its next step toward becoming the next great American brand. 

As per a press release, the company will be making significant investments in the store’s interior and exterior design, including new signage reflecting the inspiring Blue Compass RV brand identity.  

The release indicated that the logo, which features a sun-drenched landscape of mountains accessible by a road of possibilities inside a compass, is a nod to Americans’ great love for traveling on the open road in their RV.

Featured image from Blue Compass RV

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February 25, 2024 3:04 pm

The transformation to Blue Compass RV signals a shift towards elevating RV adventures for customers and nurturing a positive work environment. Through their expansion, we anticipate fresh services and a stronger commitment to crafting unforgettable RV experiences. Personally, I believe this rebranding reflects an exciting journey ahead with Blue Compass RV at the helm, promising remarkable adventures and lasting memories.

March 19, 2024 8:09 am

Isn’t it cool that Blue Compass RV is all about enhancing your RV adventures? They’re bringing in new digital tools and exciting events to level up your experience with them!

Nolan Creek
Nolan Creek
May 11, 2024 5:56 pm

They’re really stepping it up at Blue Compass RV, focused on enhancing your RV adventures. That extra touch they’re adding? It’s awesome! Who wouldn’t want their trips to be even more epic, right? Looking back, it’s clear they’re all about making your experiences top-notch!


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