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Luxury Outdoor Hospitality Platform World of Glamping Rebrands as Authentic Luxury

World of Glamping, the renowned platform for high-end outdoor hospitality, has undergone a significant transformation, rebranding as Authentic Luxury

This move heralds a new age for discerning travelers yearning for sustainable and enriching stays. The announcement, made by the company’s founder, Maja Dimnik, during the Eco Resort Network event, marks a significant milestone in the sector.

The Authentic Luxury platform is designed to facilitate a seamless booking experience, integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology into its operations. 

AI’s capacity to personalize and streamline the booking process promises to enhance guest experiences significantly, adjusting to their individual preferences and needs to create unique, tailor-made holiday experiences.

This has already been seen as more outdoor enthusiasts are rapidly adopting artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their camping and outdoor experiences. 

As per Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA) Monthly Research Report for June 2023, 32% of campers have integrated AI into their trip planning, and another 22% intend to utilize it in the future. 

One good example of how AI can help the outdoor hospitality sector is the recently-unveiled groundbreaking chatbot that enables 24/7 customer service, helps save money, and has the potential to increase revenue for campgrounds. 

The company’s rebranding initiative aims to not just cater to an existing clientele but also tap into the extensive market of outdoor enthusiasts seeking authenticity and sustainability. 

This is anticipated to bring positive disruptions to the glamping industry, a sector previously struggling with stereotyped perceptions. It serves as a demonstration of how the industry can harness technology to enhance sustainability and customer service, thereby improving its overall appeal and credibility.

The platform brings together extraordinary properties that prioritize environmental sustainability and community well-being. 

Through its new initiative, the Conscious Collection, Authentic Luxury seeks to recognize those establishments demonstrating a genuine commitment to planet-friendly operations. 

This collection serves as a badge of honor in the industry, symbolizing an entity’s dedication to global sustainable tourism standards.

Authentic Luxury’s rigorous evaluation process, which assesses properties based on over 50 sustainability indicators, further assures guests of their commitment to eco-friendly practices

This initiative adds a significant layer of transparency and accountability to the industry and encourages glamping operators to elevate their commitment to sustainability.

Furthermore, Authentic Luxury extends its services beyond mere recognition, providing valuable guidance to properties in enhancing their resource efficiency.

This not only results in cost savings in management but also contributes to the preservation of the environment, making Authentic Luxury an indispensable partner for glamping operators seeking to balance profitability and sustainability.

The brand’s innovative partnership with leading travel club Hotel Swaps adds an exciting feature to their offerings.

This collaboration allows members to exchange hotel stays with other Authentic Luxury members, establishing a special reservation system for property owners and operators to trade available rooms globally. This creates an exciting global network, enabling operators to widen their reach while offering their customers unique experiences, thereby further enriching the glamping industry.

Authentic Luxury’s evolution from World of Glamping is a testament to the changing landscape of the glamping industry. It is a model that champions eco-consciousness and customer-centric services, setting a high bar for other glamping operators to meet.

As more players within the sector align with these standards, the future of the outdoor hospitality industry appears more sustainable.

Featured image from Authentic Luxury

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February 20, 2024 10:41 am

The rebranding of World of Glamping to Genuine Luxury demonstrates a dedication to improving guest experiences and sustainability. I’m particularly impressed by the introduction of an inventive loyalty program and the commitment to partnering with eco-conscious suppliers for a more environmentally responsible glamping experience.


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