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Insider Perks Launches AI Customer Service Chatbot for Campground Owners

Insider Perks, a marketing and technology solutions provider for the outdoor hospitality industry, today announced the introduction of “Campy,” an innovative AI-powered customer service chatbot designed specifically for campground owners. This groundbreaking chatbot enables 24/7 customer service, helps save money, and has the potential to increase revenue for campgrounds.

Campy, developed by Insider Perks, is designed to cater to the unique needs of campground owners by providing comprehensive information about the campground and surrounding attractions.

The chatbot can be trained to answer questions regarding campground policies, amenities, cabin, and RV site features, as well as local attractions, events, and activities. Campy’s integration with ChatGPT’s extensive knowledge base, combined with this customized training, ensures accurate, up-to-date, and relevant information to assist guests with their inquiries.

Brian Searl, Founder & CEO of Insider Perks, stated, “We recognized the need for a dedicated AI solution that could help campground owners manage customer service efficiently while providing a seamless guest experience. Campy is the result of our commitment to combining advanced AI technology with the specific needs of the outdoor hospitality industry.

The introduction of Campy comes at a time when campground owners are looking for innovative ways to enhance customer service and streamline their operations. Campy can save your team members hours, allowing them to focus on more valuable tasks, such as maintaining the campground, enhancing guest experiences, and planning events.

The AI chatbot also encourages potential guests to book their stay as soon as possible, offering a direct booking link to the reservation system, further driving revenue growth for campground owners.

“Campy not only streamlines customer service by answering frequently asked questions but also frees up our clients’ staff to focus on what matters most: creating memorable experiences for their guests,” added Searl.

Early data indicates that Campy is being used for an average of 8-10 chats per day, or around 300 chats per month. This versatile chatbot has already proven its value by answering questions about services, reassuring guests about late arrivals, convincingly defending fees for early check-ins and even engaging with one guest in French. Campy can also handle advanced questions and compare/contrast types of cabins or RV sites.

As part of Insider Perks‘ commitment to innovation, the company plans to introduce more AI tools in the future. Campy’s success highlights the potential for AI technology to revolutionize the campground industry by improving overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Campground owners interested in integrating Campy into their websites and customer service operations are encouraged to contact Insider Perks for more information.

If you would like to test Campy and explore the possibilities, please visit the website for Verde Ranch RV Resort at https://verderanchrvresort.com and you will see the chatbot icon in the bottom right corner of their website.

About Insider Perks

Insider Perks, based in Cleveland, OH, is a leading provider of advanced marketing and technology solutions for the outdoor hospitality industry. The company’s mission is to deliver results by using a combination of marketing, technology, engineering, and analytics to create happy campground owners. Insider Perks works with some of the biggest outdoor hospitality brands, developers, entrepreneurs, and leading family-owned campgrounds in the industry.


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