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KOA Report Reveals Campers Embrace AI for Travel Planning

The camping industry has experienced a significant shift with the rise of technology in recent years. As per the latest findings of the Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA) Monthly Research Report for June 2023, outdoor enthusiasts are rapidly adopting artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their camping experiences. The trend is transcending demographics and reshaping the way campers plan their adventures.

According to the research, an impressive 32% of campers have integrated AI into their trip planning, and another 22% intend to utilize it in the future. 

In contrast, AI usage for trip planning among non-campers remains low, with only 7% reporting to have used the technology.

AI has proven to be a useful tool for campers who frequently use it for an array of tasks, such as seeking reviews (55%), conducting trip research (53%), and constructing itineraries (48%). It also aids in gathering information about potential destinations (36%), and approximately a quarter of campers utilize AI to uncover dining options and spots to avoid.

“Campers are emerging as early adopters of AI technologies that make planning travel easier,” Whitney Scott, senior vice president of strategy at Kampgrounds of America, Inc. 

“We already know that campers are more enthusiastic about travel than other consumers. We’re seeing similar enthusiasm toward online tools that can assist them in planning better, or more, trips easily.”

For private campground owners and operators, understanding this emerging trend can be advantageous. The surge in AI usage among campers signals a potential need to optimize their services for digital platforms. This could include ensuring their campgrounds are well-reviewed and visible online or even developing AI-friendly tools for booking and on-site amenities.

While campers are more likely to integrate AI for their trips, only about one-in-10 have used or plan to use AI for the entirety of their planning. 

The study indicates a noticeable decrease in the trust campers have in AI. It fell a considerable 20 points, from 78% in May to 59% in June. This decline suggests that while AI is seen as a convenient tool, campers still value other resources and personal knowledge when planning their trips.

The study underscores that campers are not exclusively into camping; they are enthusiastic travelers who engage in other forms of travel as well. 

Over the past year, and into 2023, campers have significantly expanded their participation in all types of travel. During Memorial Day alone, over 8.4 million camping households combined their camping excursion with other travel forms.

“In addition to hotel and resort stays, even with air travel issues, campers are more likely to take both domestic and international trips,” Scott added. “It’s important to recognize that this group isn’t just campers; they are fervent travelers critical to the overall travel sector.”

The KOA report also found an uptick in camping during holidays and the summer season. Nearly 24.4 million households spent Memorial Day camping, 2 million more than the previous year, and 22 million households are projected to camp over the 4th of July weekend. 

With nearly 90% of campers planning a summer camping trip, campgrounds can prepare to meet the increased demand and maximize potential opportunities.

While AI’s increasing role in camping underscores a significant shift in the industry, it also suggests an opportunity for campground operators to integrate these emerging technologies to enhance their services while recognizing the enduring importance of personalized experiences in outdoor leisure.

For more information, visit Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA) Monthly Research Report – June 2023 Edition

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Olive Grove
Olive Grove
April 10, 2024 1:19 pm

Have you caught on to how campers are diving into A.I. to uncover those hidden gems and unique spots for their outdoor adventures? Campground owners are stepping up their game too to make camping even better!

Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis
May 5, 2024 4:05 pm

Absolutely loving how campers are diving into the world of Artificial Intelligence for trip planning! It’s all about that perfect blend of tech and tradition to enhance our camping adventures.


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