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Ayrshire Holiday Park Embraces Solar Energy: A Model for Eco-Friendly Practices

Scotland’s Craig Tara Holiday Park, one of Ayrshire’s best-known holiday parks, is stepping into the renewable energy era. The park has been granted permission to install more than 1,000 rooftop solar panels, marking a significant shift towards eco-friendly practices in the holiday park industry. 

The main complex areas of the park, located in Dunure Road, are set to undergo a transformation to accommodate the installation of 1771 panels.

These panels are designed to capture around 708.4 kwp of energy. The majority of the panels will be mounted “flat to roof” with the remainder “ballasted” to capture as much sunlight as possible. The panels will be installed in an east, west, and south-facing system across up to six buildings within the park.

The site owners, Bourne Leisure Ltd, have stated that the proposed Solar PV installation will have panels on pitched and flat roof areas and they are unlikely to be seen from ground level, as reported by the Daily record UK. 

All equipment, other than the panels themselves, will be installed out of sight. The roof areas will be utilized for the installation of panels with the following proposed system: 708.4 kwp (max 1,771 panels) east, west, and south-facing system, the majority of which will be mounted flat-to-roof with the remainder ballasted.

The current site is used as the main complex area for the park, but the internal use of the buildings will “remain the same.” The solar panels and equipment are expected to be in place for around 25 years and, at the end of their lifespan, they will be “recycled and disposed of.”

South Ayrshire Council planners approved the proposals, stating: “The siting and design of the development is considered to accord with the provisions of the development plan and there is no significant adverse impact on the amenity of neighbouring land and buildings.”

The move towards renewable energy in holiday parks and campgrounds offers multiple benefits. It not only reduces the carbon footprint of these establishments but also results in significant cost savings in the long run. 

Moreover, it positions these parks as environmentally conscious businesses, which is an increasingly important factor for many customers.

The solar energy plan for Craig Tara Holiday Park sets a precedent for other holiday parks and campgrounds. It demonstrates the feasibility and benefits of implementing eco-friendly practices in these establishments. Other parks can take inspiration from this and consider similar initiatives.

The green light for the solar energy plan at Craig Tara Holiday Park marks a significant step towards eco-friendly practices in the holiday park industry. It showcases the potential of renewable energy in reducing the environmental impact of these establishments while also offering cost benefits.


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