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Rocky Mountain National Park’s Moraine Park Campground Reservations Delayed Amidst Major Upgrades

Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado), known for its stunning landscapes and outdoor recreation opportunities, faces a significant change this summer. The park’s largest campground, Moraine Park, has halted its reservation system for the upcoming season due to an extensive modernization project.

Moraine Park, boasting 244 campsites, is currently undergoing a comprehensive rehabilitation process. 

This project, initiated last summer, aims to enhance the campground’s infrastructure and environmental sustainability. 

Key improvements include relocating campsites away from sensitive wetland areas, replacing outdated water and sewer lines, burying power lines to preserve the natural view, and improving accessibility for campers with disabilities.

The decision to pause reservations was informed by the project’s progress and potential delays. 

As per a report, Kyle Patterson, a park spokeswoman, stated, “The contractor has indicated that they will have the project completed by early summer.” However, she emphasized the importance of being cautious in reopening reservations to avoid disrupting campers’ plans.

This suspension represents a significant reduction in camping availability within the park. Moraine Park is a major contributor to the park’s camping facilities, typically serving around 30,000 campers annually. Its closure affects more than half of the 472 developed campsites on the east side of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Campers seeking alternatives can explore reservations through recreation.gov, although options are limited due to Moraine Park’s closure. 

This situation presents a unique opportunity for nearby private campgrounds and outdoor hospitality businesses. With reduced availability in the national park, these private entities may see an increase in demand, offering a potential boost to the local outdoor recreation industry.

In addition to the Moraine Park project, the park’s Fall River Entrance is undergoing significant construction. This includes the addition of a new office, three entrance kiosks, a fast pass lane, and road widening. Patterson noted, “The contract is being extended through May 21 to accommodate paving operations.” The completion of this project is expected to streamline park entry and improve visitor experience.

Rocky Mountain National Park will also continue its timed-entry reservation system, introduced last summer. This system, starting the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, is designed to manage visitor flow and enhance the overall park experience. Timed-entry reservations for Memorial Day weekend and June will be available starting May 1.

The ongoing projects at Rocky Mountain National Park and the subsequent changes in campground availability underscore the park’s commitment to improving visitor experience and environmental stewardship. While the temporary closure of Moraine Park may pose challenges for some campers, it also opens doors for private campgrounds and outdoor recreation businesses to cater to the increased demand.

As the outdoor recreation industry adapts to these changes, the focus remains on providing quality experiences for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. The modernization of Moraine Park Campground and the improvements at the Fall River Entrance are steps towards enhancing the natural beauty and accessibility of one of America’s most beloved national parks.

Featured image from Rocky Mountain National Park.

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April 22, 2024 6:41 am

Outdoor lovers! How exciting is this news? Rocky Mountain National Park is stepping up its game with upgrades and new programs. Can’t wait to explore nature, learn more about the park’s biodiversity, and make unforgettable memories during our next adventure!


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