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Campground Views Reveals Significant Growth, Free Recapture Service

Campground Views, a provider of proprietary campground virtual tour solutions tailored for the outdoor hospitality sector, recently announced a significant increase in new park sign-ups. This surge shows the industry’s growing recognition for innovative services that enhance the camping experience.

In a significant move to add value for their clients, Campground Views introduced a free recapture service, available every two years for parks utilizing their technology. This initiative ensures that virtual tours remain current with the parks’ evolving landscapes and amenities, providing ongoing benefits to park operators and their guests.

In response to the remarkable adoption of our services by new parks, we are committed to ensuring that our technology remains as dynamic and adaptive as the parks we serve,” Mark Koep, CEO of Campground Views, said in a press release.

Campground Views helps campers explore, discover, and book their next adventure through immersive virtual tours of campgrounds and RV parks across the nation. Their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is shaping the future of camping, making it easier for outdoor enthusiasts to connect with the perfect outdoor experiences.

“Our new free recapture initiative is a testament to our dedication to the success and satisfaction of our clients. By regularly updating our virtual tours, we are not only enhancing the user experience but also empowering park operators to showcase the best and most current version of their properties,” Koep added.

The decision to offer this service for free reflects an understanding of the critical role that up-to-date digital content plays in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. This initiative allows park operators to maintain fresh and engaging virtual tours, showcasing any new developments or improvements.

Debbie Somers, the owner of Perry KOA, expressed her enthusiasm for the new service, highlighting the regret of not adopting it sooner due to cost concerns.

“We held off on this because it is not cheap, but now that we have it, we regret waiting so long to do it,” she said. Her experience points to the significant value that Campground Views’ technology offers to park operators, enhancing their ability to attract and retain guests by providing a true representation of their offerings.

As Campground Views continues to grow and enhance its services, the company remains focused on using technology to improve the camping experience for both park operators and outdoor enthusiasts. For more information, click here.

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