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AccessParks Secures Major Investment from M/C Partners for Broadband Expansion in Outdoor Hospitality

AccessParks has announced a substantial growth investment from M/C Partners, a renowned private equity firm specializing in digital infrastructure and technology services. 

This partnership marks a pivotal step in expanding high-performance broadband connectivity across RV Parks, National and State Parks, and Manufactured Housing Communities (MHC) nationwide.

Founded in 2016, AccessParks has been at the forefront of providing robust broadband solutions in outdoor settings. 

The company’s commitment to enhancing internet connectivity aligns with the growing demand for reliable digital infrastructure in remote leisure locations. The investment from M/C Partners is set to accelerate AccessParks’ expansion plans, including strategic acquisitions that could further solidify its market position.

Tim Rout, the founder of AccessParks, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration with M/C Partners. He emphasized the firm’s deep industry knowledge and resources, which are expected to drive technological advancements and support AccessParks’ rapid growth trajectory. Rout’s vision for AccessParks has been instrumental in establishing the company as a market leader in outdoor broadband connectivity.

The company’s leadership team is set to expand with the addition of Alan Rosenberg as CEO. Rosenberg brings a wealth of experience in leading internet operators through periods of significant growth. His previous roles include CEO positions at Upstream Network and Business Only Broadband. Rout, along with COO Tony Perkins, will continue to play key roles in the company, ensuring a blend of innovation and experience at the helm.

Rosenberg’s appointment comes at a time when AccessParks is poised for accelerated growth. His expertise in scaling operations and growth strategies is expected to be a major asset for the company. Rosenberg’s focus will be on enhancing the operational platform of AccessParks, ensuring that the company meets the increasing demands of the outdoor hospitality market.

Brian Clark, managing partner at M/C Partners, highlighted the surge in outdoor activities among Americans, a trend that underscores the need for reliable connectivity in remote leisure destinations. Clark pointed out that AccessParks’ deep understanding of the outdoor hospitality industry and its commitment to exceptional client experiences are key factors in its success.

AccessParks stands out in the market for its enterprise-grade connectivity and end-to-end broadband managed services. The company is the first in the outdoor hospitality and MHC sectors to offer guaranteed minimum Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for internet speed. This commitment to quality and reliability is a cornerstone of AccessParks’ service offerings.

The company’s campground division utilizes a mix of technologies, including fiber-optic, microwave, 5G, and Wi-Fi, to provide broadband access in outdoor settings. Similarly, the MHC division employs these technologies to deliver gigabit broadband to residents, ensuring that connectivity is not a barrier to enjoying the great outdoors.

Currently, AccessParks serves over 30 million annual guests and residents, a testament to its reach and impact in the market. The investment from M/C Partners is expected to further enhance this reach, bringing state-of-the-art broadband connectivity to more locations across the country.

For campground and outdoor hospitality operators, this investment in AccessParks signifies a major advancement in addressing one of the key challenges in the industry: providing reliable internet access in remote locations. As the demand for connected experiences continues to grow among outdoor enthusiasts, AccessParks’ expanded services are poised to meet these needs, enhancing the overall guest experience and supporting the growth of the outdoor hospitality sector.

For more information about AccessParks and its services, visit www.AccessParks.com. Details about M/C Partners and their investment portfolio can be found at https://mcpartners.com/.


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