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News for December 10, 2023

Grassroots Caravan and Glamping: A Sustainable Boost to Pembrokeshire’s Tourism

In the heart of Pembrokeshire, near the quaint village of Waterston, lies Grassroots Caravan and Glamping. This idyllic site recently received a significant financial boost, a £205,000 loan from the Wales Tourism Investment Fund, earmarked for transforming the 4.2-acre land into an eco-friendly camping haven.

The visionaries behind this project, Chloe and Neal Priestley, are no strangers to the allure of the great outdoors. 

With Neal’s three-decade experience as a postman in Pembrokeshire and Chloe’s dedication to the NHS, their combined passion for camping and love for their home county spurred them to create a unique camping experience that resonates with their values of sustainability and accessibility.

The loan’s role in the development of Grassroots Caravan and Glamping cannot be overstated. It was instrumental in purchasing the site and funding the necessary renovations to transform a simple barn into a modern, eco-friendly camping facility. 

This financial aid was a crucial stepping stone in realizing the Priestleys’ dream, according to a report by the Western Telegraph.

The improvements made to the site are a testament to the loan’s impact. Grassroots now boasts a mix of hard-standing and grass pitches, complete with essential on-site facilities, all designed with an eco-conscious approach. The focus on affordability ensures that this serene camping experience is accessible to all, a rare find in today’s tourism landscape.

This development is more than just an upgrade to a camping site; it’s a significant boost to local tourism in Pembrokeshire. Grassroots Caravan and Glamping is poised to attract a diverse range of visitors, from seasoned campers to families looking for an affordable getaway, thereby enhancing the region’s appeal as a tourist destination.

The economic implications for the local community are substantial. An influx of tourists translates to increased spending in nearby businesses, from local eateries to souvenir shops. This economic ripple effect is vital for the sustenance of rural economies, where tourism often plays a pivotal role.

At the heart of Grassroots Caravan and Glamping’s ethos is a commitment to eco-friendly practices. From the use of sustainable materials in construction to the implementation of waste reduction strategies, every aspect of the site reflects a deep respect for the environment.

The affordability of Grassroots is a crucial aspect of its charm. By offering quality camping experiences at reasonable prices, the site breaks down financial barriers, making the joys of camping accessible to a broader audience. This inclusivity is a cornerstone of the site’s philosophy.

The community engagement aspect of Grassroots Caravan and Glamping is noteworthy. The site not only provides a recreational space for visitors but also serves as a community hub, fostering connections and contributing to the social fabric of Waterston.

Environmental conservation is another key focus. The site’s sustainable practices not only minimize its ecological footprint but also serve as an educational platform for visitors, promoting awareness and appreciation of the natural world.

Grassroots Caravan and Glamping sets a precedent for sustainable tourism in Wales. It exemplifies how tourism projects can be both economically viable and environmentally responsible, a model that other businesses in the region can look up to.


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Mau Mendoza

Mau Mendoza

Mauro Mendoza, a content writer for Modern Campground since 2022, boasts a journalism degree and extensive experience in writing and blogging. With dozens of articles on campgrounds, RV parks, and glamping resorts under his belt, Mauro's expertise in outdoor hospitality is evident. He aspires to launch his own blog, sharing his insights and passions with a wider audience. When not crafting engaging content, Mauro enjoys video games, movies, and sports, or playfully teasing his dog, who he's convinced believes it's human.
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