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Former South Downs Garden Centre to be Converted into Glamping Site

A former garden center in Warminghurst, near Storrington, England is set to be transformed into a tranquil glamping site, pending planning permission from the Horsham District Council. 

The site, which has been out of business for some years, is currently used for grazing sheep and horses.

The proposed plan would see the addition of four timber holiday glamping units on the land, with most of the site still being used for livestock.

According to agents for the applicant, the market for the glamping units will be those seeking a quiet time in the countryside, including hikers, tourists, and potential equestrian holidaymakers. 

The secluded site, which is near the A24, is surrounded by a varied arrangement of trees and shrubs, which create a screened and private space.

The glamping units themselves will be constructed of timber, with both timber cladding and timber windows, to minimise their impact. The units will be placed in and around existing trees on the site. The proposed site will offer year-round short-term holidays within this tranquil location.

The application for planning permission has been submitted, and the agents for the applicant are hopeful that the plans will be approved. 

If the plans are approved, the glamping site will provide a unique and peaceful getaway for those looking to escape to the countryside.

The conversion of the former garden center into a glamping site provides an opportunity for the glamping industry to expand and diversify into new locations, particularly those that were previously not associated with tourism. 

The fact that the site was previously a garden center and is now being transformed into a glamping site shows how flexible and adaptable the industry can be in repurposing land.

Moreover, the proposed glamping site highlights the growing popularity of glamping as a form of sustainable tourism that offers a unique and immersive experience for travelers. 

Glamping provides an alternative to traditional forms of tourism and appeals to a wide range of travelers, including those who seek a closer connection with nature and want to disconnect from the stresses of modern life.

Lastly, the fact that the glamping units will be designed to blend in with the natural surroundings and minimize their impact shows the industry’s commitment to sustainable tourism practices. 

This approach is increasingly important in a world where the impact of tourism on the environment is a growing concern.


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