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Pleasure-Way Partners with Emplifi to Create Live Commerce Platform for RVs

Customer experience platform Emplifi today announced its partnership with Canadian recreational vehicle (RV) manufacturer Pleasure-Way Industries Ltd. to provide an immersive shopping experience to drive up sales.

With Emplifi’s innovative live commerce solution, through the acquisition of Go Instore last September 2021, Pleasure-Way customers can tour vehicles via a livestream video and connect with product experts through the Pleasure-Way Go Live Showroom, according to a press release.

As a luxury RV line, Pleasure-Way needed a platform to present their vehicles while supporting their customers’ need to research before making a decisive purchase.

With the help of Livestream technology, the Canadian RV manufacturer can overcome lockdown and pandemic challenges while helping customers have personalized, one-on-one consultations with RV experts and search for the nearest dealership. It makes live streaming an essential step in the purchasing journey of customers.

“Buying a luxury RV is a big investment, so it was important that our customers felt well-supported throughout their purchase decision,” said Pleasure-Way CEO Dean Rumpel. “Emplifi helped us connect directly with families around North America and provide the best possible customer experience. We can’t wait to hear about our customers’ Pleasure-Way adventures.”

As more companies adopt a hybrid work setup, people are taking advantage of the opportunity to travel and work anywhere, increasing the popularity of RVs in turn, according to a press release.

According to the RV Industry Association, wholesale shipments of RVs, which is the number of new vehicles shipped off to dealers, surpassed 600,000 in 2021, a 19% increase from the previous record in 2017.

“Many people have been reluctant to purchase vehicles online. They want to see the vehicle up close and in-person before making a purchase. They want to be able to ask questions and get answers,” said Rumpel. 

“Emplifi’s live-streaming technology uses video to recreate that in-person experience. Customers can tour the vehicle, ask questions, and get expert advice before choosing a model. This gives our customers unprecedented flexibility in how they research and shop for the right option.”

With the integration of live streaming, Pleasure-Way has improved its customer satisfaction score to a rating of 4.8/5, providing an impressive 10-minute talk-time average, two times more than the standard average talk times of 4.5 minutes. 

It emphasizes the importance of live streaming when considering purchases like luxury items and vehicles, according to a press release.

“Working with Pleasure-Way has shown us the versatility that live streaming can offer customers at every stage of their journey,” said Andre Hordagoda, co-GM, Social Commerce, Emplifi. 

“Purchasing a vehicle of any kind is a decision not taken lightly by customers. Through the implementation of live-streaming technology, Pleasure-Way can offer an additional customer touchpoint that delights customers straight from the start.”


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