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Plastic Fantastic: Molded Linear Low-Density Polyethylene Composite Teardrop Trailer

The new Edgeout Teardrop, a 4,565-mm long compact hard-body camper, is the “world-first molded LLDPE (Linear low-density polyethylene) composite teardrop,” as claimed by the South African manufacturer.

Edgeout collaborated with the experts in rotational molding 4WVR plastic products and industrial design firm RKID to introduce the latest camper to production earlier in the year.

As per Edgeout, the body of the camper “consists of two separately molded units—a sleeping cabin and a kitchen at the back.”

Photo courtesy of Edgeout

In addition to the striking appearance, Edgeout said some of the benefits of the durable rotomolded body are its lightweight, watertight construction, as well as better insulation. The process of construction also makes use of recycled materials.

There’s enough room for two people to sleep on the hotel-style 2,000m x 1,450mm mattress. You can also add an additional rooftop tent for two additional sleeping spaces.

The rotomolded frame is set on a galvanized chassis equipped with torsion bar suspension,  electric brakes, and 15-in alloy wheels. Tare weight is 750kg with an AMT of 1,300kg.

Photo courtesy of Edgeout

Alongside the side doors windows, a roof window is perfect to enjoy stargazing from the bed. Storage choices comprise a nosecone in the front with shelves, drawers, and cupboards to store things in the rear kitchen and around the sleeping space.

All campers from Edgeout come with roof rails, roof vent, LED lights, electrical outlets, solar-ready battery system, 110-L water tank, 12V pump, two-burner gas cooker, and hot water for the sink and external shower.

Various options are available, such as an awning, microwave, tent on the roof, fridge,  and solar panels.

The price will differ based on the features fitted. The Edgeout is offered in South Africa at around R250,000, equivalent to AU$22,000.

The camper is only available in South Africa at the moment, but an Australian Design registration on the Edgeout website indicates that the striking campers might be available in Australia at some point.


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