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BMPro Launches New Aspero for Budget-friendly RVs

BMPro has launched a slick new entry-level RV power management system to the market, designed for camper trailers and other budget-oriented RVs.

The company said its new Australian-built Aspero is a “purpose-built battery management system and information display made to power loads, charge batteries, and deliver real-time information on key RV parameters,” guaranteeing peace of mind when traveling even in the most far-flung of destinations.

“While there are plenty of battery management and Smart RV solutions out there, we saw a need for a more entry-level solution to suit a lower price point while still offering a high level of functionality and quality in line with what the market expects from BMPRO.,” the company said on its website.

The new Aspero set-up boasts a new sleek slimline membrane display panel called ASDisplay, instead of a more traditional tablet-based display screen, according to a report.

This innovative change was made considering the minimal space available in camper trailers and provides a cheaper option for consumers,” BMPro said.

“In addition, all monitoring and control are done directly via the membrane display touchscreen interface, rather than needing to connect to an app. This helps keep the cost down while still providing all the functional benefits that the target market requires.”

The touchscreen display shows the battery level, charging/discharging state, battery chemistry, active power sources, and the water levels of any water tanks with a BMPro Dipper water level indicator (sold separately).

It’s suitable for LifePO4 and lead-acid batteries and includes an integrated solar regulator suitable for input from solar panels up to 450W. 

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This article originally appeared on Caravan Camping Sales.


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