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Washington State Revamps RV Plan Approval Process: A Win for Manufacturers, Dealers, and Consumers

Governor Jay Inslee has signed HB 1514 into law, amending Washington State’s RV plan approval process. The new legislation aims to address challenges faced by RV manufacturers, dealers, and consumers, paving the way for a more efficient and thriving RV market in the state.

In recent years, the RV industry has experienced significant delays in plan reviews, largely due to staffing shortages at the Department of Labor and Industries’ Factory Assembled Structures Division, as per a News & Insights report by the RV Industry Association (RVIA).

This backlog of RV plans disrupted commerce and hindered the timely delivery of RVs to dealers, causing many consumers to seek products out of state.

HB 1514 introduces an all-electronic plan submission process for RVs and Park Model RVs, streamlining operations for the industry. 

Previously, digital submission was more costly for manufacturers than physical submission. However, recent changes in fees have made the digital option more attractive.

Representative Eric Robertson, Representative Liz Berry, Senator Steve Conway, and Senator Curtis King played pivotal roles in the successful passage of HB 1514. 

The bill will take effect 90 days after the legislative session’s final day, with the new processes expected to be implemented by early summer 2023.

The amended RV plan approval process is anticipated to benefit RV manufacturers, dealers, and consumers in Washington. Manufacturers will be able to purchase insignias upon plan submission, provided they have an approved quality control program and pay the required fees.

RVIA Senior Manager of State Affairs Nick Rudowich praised the collaborative efforts of the Washington legislature and the Department of Labor & Industries in passing the bill. 

He emphasized the importance of this legislation for the RV industry, including manufacturers, dealers, and consumers in Washington.

The enactment of HB 1514 signifies a major advancement for the RV industry in Washington State. By streamlining the plan approval process, the new legislation seeks to eliminate delays, foster growth, and create a vibrant RV market that caters to the needs of manufacturers, dealers, and consumers alike.

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Yara Field
Yara Field
March 14, 2024 9:30 pm

Isn’t it cool that Washington State is revamping its RV plan approval process? It’s a big win for everyone involved – manufacturers, dealers, and us consumers. This move towards efficiency and modernization is going to make our RV experiences so much smoother and more enjoyable. Exciting times ahead for the industry in Washington!

April 12, 2024 10:59 am
Reply to  Yara Field

It’s pretty awesome that Washington State is making changes to its RV plan approval process. This update will streamline the procedures, benefitting manufacturers, dealers, and consumers alike. With these enhancements, the RV industry in Washington is set for a positive transformation.


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