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RVshare, Hipcamp Giving Away $10M in RV Campsite Stays

RVshare, an RV rental marketplace, and Hipcamp, a campsite booking platform announced a partnership aiming to streamline the traditionally multi-step travel planning process for RV trips and camping adventures.

Given the prevalence of concerns around locating the perfect campground during an RV trip, this collaboration couldn’t be more timely. 

The integration between the two platforms essentially makes the trip-planning process a one-stop shop. From charting a travel route to reserving the right vehicle and finally securing the perfect campsite across multiple destinations, this partnership introduces ease and convenience.

The collaboration not only facilitates a smoother campsite booking experience for RVshare renters, but it also nudges Hipcamp’s extensive user base with a compelling incentive to explore RVshare’s extensive offering of more than 100,000 RVs and campervans scattered across the country.

As part of the partnership launch, RVshare and Hipcamp are presenting travelers with a golden opportunity. They are collectively offering up to $10 million worth of RV campsite stays.

Upon booking an RV campsite on Hipcamp, RV renters are presented with a credit, applicable at checkout on the Hipcamp website.

Travelers booking an RV rental on RVshare’s digital platforms (website or app) from June 22 onwards are guided towards Hipcamp to find their preferred RV campsite. 

In addition to the seamless site integration, they are gifted a promo code valued at $70 for booking a campsite via Hipcamp. This special offer is valid for a single Hipcamp booking, with the trip dates falling between June 22, 2023, and December 31, 2023.

Hipcamp’s vast range of North American RV campsites come with an average nightly cost of $55, making the promo code a significant saving for most travelers. 

Through this strategic site integration, RVshare and Hipcamp are streamlining the RV rental and trip planning landscape, making it simpler, more affordable, and seamless for their users.

This partnership marks a significant milestone for both companies and a pivotal moment for the RV and camping industry.

As they explore more opportunities to expand and improve this partnership in the coming year, the future of RV travel and camping looks set to become even more exciting and user-friendly.

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February 16, 2024 1:53 am

Isn’t it delightful that RVshare and Hipcamp have partnered to simplify trip planning and promote sustainable travel? By integrating their platforms, they aim to encourage responsible exploration of the great outdoors and minimize environmental impact. This initiative aligns with the growing trend of eco-friendly travel, offering travelers an opportunity to experience the natural world thoughtfully. What do you think about this initiative and its impact on travel experiences?


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