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Rep. Eric Robertson Honored with RVIA’s National Legislative Award for Outstanding Contributions

On August 15, Rep. Eric Robertson (R-WA-31) was awarded the RV Industry Association’s (RVIA) National Legislative Award. This event took place during the National Conference of State Legislatures’ annual Legislative Summit held in Indianapolis.

Photo courtesy of RV Industry Association

The National Legislative Award is not just any accolade. It is a testament to an individual’s exemplary contributions in legislative matters that directly impact the RV industry. The award serves as a beacon, highlighting the dedication and commitment of those who tirelessly work for the betterment of the RV industry through legislative avenues.

Rep. Robertson’s political roles are noteworthy. As the Washington State House Minority Caucus Vice Chair and the Ranking Minority Member of the Labor & Workplace Standards Committee, he has been at the forefront of overseeing the Department of Labor & Industries. This department holds significant importance for the RV industry in Washington state.

The intricacies of the RV industry in Washington state are vast. For an RV unit to be legally sold by an RV dealer in the state, it must bear an attached Washington state insignia. Rep. Robertson’s efforts have been instrumental in this aspect. He was the primary sponsor of a 2023 bill supported by the RV Industry Association, which brought about reforms in the State’s plan approval process. This reform has paved the way for the Association’s manufacturer members to conduct business with greater ease in the state.

Beyond his legislative endeavors, Rep. Robertson’s connection with the RV world is personal. He is an ardent RVer, and when he’s not occupied with his duties in Olympia, he can often be found camping in various parts of Washington state in his RV.

“Rep. Robertson has been a terrific supporter of the RV industry. In particular, he was a tremendous advocate for reforming Washington state’s approval process,” says Craig Kirby, president and CEO of the RV Industry Association

“He has shown great dedication and commitment to the RV industry and its initiatives. Congratulations to Rep. Robertson on being a recipient of the 2023 National Legislative Award!”

Jason Rano, the vice president of the RV Industry Association’s Government Affairs team, added to the praises. He expressed gratitude to Rep. Robertson and his team for their continuous support to the RV industry and the wider realm of outdoor recreation. Their leadership and efforts have been instrumental in ensuring the RV industry’s growth and success.

The RV Industry Association plays a pivotal role in shaping the RV sector. Collaborating with federal and state lawmakers and regulators, the association strives to create a conducive business environment for its members. It stands as a beacon of research, data, and analysis about the RV industry.

Rep. Eric Robertson’s receipt of the National Legislative Award is a reflection of his significant contributions to the RV industry. His legislative efforts, combined with his personal passion for RVing, make him a deserving recipient of this honor. The RV Industry Association’s recognition of such contributions ensures that individuals like Rep. Robertson are celebrated for their dedication and commitment.

The RV industry, with its vast expanse and intricate workings, relies on the efforts of individuals and organizations that work towards its betterment. Awards like the National Legislative Award not only recognize these efforts but also inspire many more to contribute to this thriving industry.

The future of the RV industry in Washington state and beyond looks promising, thanks to the relentless efforts of individuals like Rep. Eric Robertson and organizations like the RV Industry Association.

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April 5, 2024 4:27 am

Rep. Eric Robertson’s dedication to the RV world goes way beyond just politics. He’s a real RV enthusiast himself, showing genuine love for the industry. It’s awesome to see someone so involved and committed. Huge kudos to him for all his hard work and support!


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