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Q Hospitality Management, Camp Strategy Partner to Enrich Outdoor Hospitality Consulting Services

Q Hospitality Management (QHM) has announced a new partnership with Camp Strategy aimed at helping enhance RV parks and resorts through bolstered consultancy services.

During the partnership, Camp Strategy’s focus will be to support and partner with QHM on its consulting projects as well as lend their expertise as operators to properties that QHM brings under management.

In a press release, QHM CEO Quentin Incao emphasized the targeted approach. “Q Hospitality Management [is] a great fit for park owners and investors who desire a higher-end focus on the guest experience, the employee experience, and overall operations. With that goal in mind and a focus on enhancing our services and [strengthening] what we bring to the table when managing and consulting to RV parks [and] resorts, we have created a consulting partnership with Camp Strategy,” he said.

Incao also highlighted the client-first strategy, which integrates smart collaborations with companies like Camp Strategy to enhance its consulting capabilities.

“We bring a more refined focus and a tech-forward mentality to our management and consulting services and are selective about the collaborators we partner with,” said the CEO of Q Hospitality Management. “Additionally, our client-first approach to hospitality allows and encourages us to surround [ourselves] with smarter companies, consultants, and collaborators, such as Camp Strategy”.

Camp Strategy, co-founded by Jeff Hoffman and Greg Emmert, brings decades of campground operation experience to the partnership. Hoffman, active in the industry since 1968, has transformed a family-owned campground into a thriving enterprise. 

“At the heart of our mission at Camp Strategy lies a firm belief in the transformative power of immersive experiences and unforgettable memories,” Emmert said. “Jeff and I also firmly believe in the magic of forging deep connections with our guests, our owners, and great industry partners, such as Q Hospitality Management.”

He added that the partnership and complementary skillsets, spanning from development to property management, would enable them to “create lasting impressions” and foster “unwavering loyalty” among their shared clientele.

Camp Strategy boasts over 80 years of unmatched expertise in campground and RV park management. Founded by industry veteran Jeff Hoffman, whose journey began in 1968 transforming a family-owned campground into a flourishing enterprise, Camp Strategy is dedicated to providing comprehensive consulting services to campground owners and enthusiasts.

With a legacy built on experience and a commitment to innovation, Camp Strategy partners with clients to elevate their campgrounds into thriving businesses. Their deep understanding of the industry, coupled with a forward-thinking approach, ensures campgrounds not only meet but exceed the expectations of today’s modern camper.

To learn more about Camp Strategy, visit campstrategy.com.

Headquartered in Montana, QHM offers services tailored to unique and distinctive independent hotels, glampgrounds, and upscale RV parks and resorts. The firm boasts over 99 years of combined experience in various critical areas including development support for new projects, pre-opening technical services, service programming, and budget management. QHM’s expertise extends across the hotel, glamping, and RV destination sectors.

To learn more about Q Hospitality Management, visit qhospitalitymanagement.com.

Editor’s Note: This article has been edited for clarity and conciseness. Minor adjustments were made to sentence structure and phrasing to enhance readability.

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Sarah Bell
Sarah Bell
April 29, 2024 6:23 pm

I’m really excited about the cool collaboration between Q Hospitality Management and Camp Strategy! They’re shaking things up with new tech and personalized service to upgrade RV parks and resorts. It’s gonna be a game-changer for sure!

April 29, 2024 9:23 pm
Reply to  Sarah Bell

I’m stoked about how this partnership will enhance guest experiences. Have you shared the news with friends yet? It’s going to bring some awesome changes to the industry! Can’t wait to see the positive impact it’ll have.

April 30, 2024 12:39 pm
Reply to  AlexMeadow

I’ve already spread the word among my friends. They were excited to hear about it! We’re all eager to witness the impact of these new materials and recommendations. It’s going to revolutionize the industry and elevate guest experiences significantly.

Joseph Wright
Joseph Wright
April 30, 2024 4:18 am
Reply to  AlexMeadow

I haven’t shared the news with friends yet, but I’m excited to spread the word about Q Hospitality Management’s consulting partnership with Camp Strategy! It’s fantastic to see collaborations like this shaping the industry. How do you think this partnership will influence guest experiences moving forward?

Lisa Rivera
Lisa Rivera
April 30, 2024 5:09 am

Have you heard about the cool partnership between Q Hospitality Management and Camp Strategy? They’re teaming up to bring some high-tech solutions to RV parks and resorts, aiming to boost guest satisfaction. It’s exciting to see how this collab will shake up the hospitality scene – can’t wait for the enhanced experiences!

April 30, 2024 10:46 am
Reply to  Lisa Rivera

So excited about the partnership with Q Hospitality and Camp Strategy! Together, they’re shaking up the outdoor hospitality scene. It’s awesome to see innovative solutions shaping the industry. The development of outdoor hospitality consulting has come a long way.

Brian Wood
Brian Wood
April 30, 2024 12:25 pm

Isn’t it exciting how Q Hospitality Management and Camp Strategy are teaming up to shake things up in outdoor hospitality? They’re all about enhancing guest experiences and transforming RV parks into unforgettable spots! I’m really looking forward to see the magic they’ll create together.


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