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PrefabPads Marks a Year of Success with Luxe Tiny Homes in the US

PrefabPads, LLC, a US-based manufacturing and distribution company, is celebrating a significant milestone with the successful launch of My Cabin tiny homes in North America. 

Photo courtesy of My Cabin

Since its debut, the company has seen robust growth, selling 21 units across various states including Connecticut, Maine, New York, Utah, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Vermont.

The first production facility, located in Waukegan, Illinois, has been instrumental in meeting the growing demand for these Latvian-born tiny homes.

Recognized for their striking Scandinavian design and versatile living spaces, My Cabin homes have quickly established a strong presence in the tiny home market in the U.S., particularly in western and southern states.

Photo courtesy of My Cabin

Peter Seltenright, COO & co-founder of PrefabPads, expressed his enthusiasm about the initial success of My Cabin in the North American market. 

He emphasized the luxurious small living experience offered by these homes, boasting top-notch materials, superior design, and timely delivery. Seltenright also noted the increasing interest in tiny homes across the U.S., with a particular focus on southern and western states. The Waukegan plant’s 30,000 square foot space enables the company to efficiently design, build, and ship units.

My Cabin homes are designed to provide intentional solutions to small living, where functionality and design converge. 

These are not only sleek and chic but also practical, serving various purposes. They can be used as primary residences, office spaces, guest quarters, home gyms, pool houses, or storage. Additionally, they offer great potential for glamping owners and the outdoor hospitality industry, serving as luxurious getaway destinations, resort accommodations, and rental units.

Currently, 11 units are in different stages of production, destined for customers in Massachusetts, Texas, Tennessee, Indiana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Vermont. These units are expected to be delivered in the next six months, further expanding the company’s reach.

One of My Cabin’s significant clients is Talta Lodge, a contemporary mountain-base boutique lodge in Stowe, Vermont. The lodge has ordered nine customized Milla Long units, which will be available for booking alongside the lodge’s 51-room hotel, offering a unique accommodation experience year-round.

My Cabin units have also made their way to Airbnb listings across the country, including in Jefferson, New York. 

The construction of My Cabin homes involves the use of durable, sustainable materials and high-end interior finishes. These homes are engineered to meet US building codes, with enhanced insulation values, high wind loads, and strong snow loads, making them suitable for year-round living.

The global tiny homes market is projected to grow significantly, with North America expected to contribute a major share of this growth. My Cabin is strategically targeting warmer, southern states, including the Carolinas, Georgia, Texas, California, and Arizona, to capitalize on this trend.

Anisha Seltenright, CMO of PrefabPads, highlighted the potential for expansion in these states, particularly in light of the push for accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in California due to the housing shortage. This trend is also influencing surrounding western states, presenting a ripe opportunity for My Cabin.

For glamping owners and the outdoor hospitality industry, My Cabin offers a unique proposition. These tiny homes can enhance the guest experience by providing luxurious, sustainable, and versatile accommodations. They represent an innovative solution to expanding lodging options while maintaining a minimal environmental footprint.

For more information about My Cabin and its offerings, visit www.mycabin.us.

Featured image from PrefabPads, LLC, /  My Cabin

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April 28, 2024 5:11 am

Did you catch the buzz about My Cabin’s cool tiny homes? They’re not just stylish but eco-friendly too, with sustainable materials and energy-efficient features. Plus, customers can customize them to fit their vibe. It’s like having your own dream pad on wheels!

April 28, 2024 9:14 pm

Hey! PrefabPads is stepping up their game with eco-friendly My Cabin homes and customizable options. It’s awesome to see them embracing sustainability in the housing scene!

May 21, 2024 8:08 pm
Reply to  JoyFused1492

I’m thrilled about the eco-friendly My Cabin homes and customizable options! It’s fantastic to see sustainable housing gaining popularity. Plus, have you checked out the energy-efficient features and modern designs? Let’s explore more ways to make sustainable living stylish and practical!


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