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Pioneering Partnership: RVshare and Direct Redefine RV Fleet Management

RVshare, the largest community for RV owners and renters, has embarked on a groundbreaking journey with Direct, a leader in vertical SaaS solutions for the vacation rental industry. 

This strategic partnership marks a pivotal moment in the RV rental market, introducing a fleet management solution that promises to transform how RV owners manage their fleets.

RVshare has established itself as a dominant player in the RV rental space, offering a platform where owners can list their vehicles and renters can find the perfect RV for their adventures, according to a press release.

This partnership with Direct is not just an expansion for RVshare; it’s a leap towards modernizing the RV rental experience.

Direct’s foray into the RV rental market through this partnership signifies its commitment to bringing advanced technology solutions to a wider audience. Known for its asset management, booking, and back-office software solutions, Direct is now set to apply its expertise to revolutionize RV fleet management.

The collaboration introduces a fleet management tool designed for RV owners with four or more listings on RVshare. This tool boasts an array of features, including an interactive dashboard, portfolio management, and unified calendar views, all aimed at enhancing operational efficiency.

The partnership between RVshare and Direct is more than just a business collaboration; it’s a step towards standardizing and professionalizing the RV rental industry. By introducing sophisticated management tools, this partnership is setting new standards in the market.

This innovative tool is a game-changer for fleet managers, offering them the ability to streamline their operations, save time, and grow their businesses more effectively. The integration of Direct’s software with RVshare’s platform simplifies the management of listings and bookings, making it easier for managers to focus on scaling their operations.

The integration process for fleet managers is designed to be quick and straightforward. With an onboarding time of approximately 20 minutes, managers can immediately start using Direct’s platform, significantly reducing manual effort and enhancing efficiency.

The expected impact of this partnership extends beyond operational efficiency. It’s about enhancing the overall rental experience for both RV owners and renters. With streamlined processes and advanced management tools, the rental process becomes more enjoyable and less cumbersome.

For those interested in learning more about this revolutionary partnership or the services offered by RVshare and Direct, they can reach out via email at [email protected] and [email protected], respectively.


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