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OHI, Merchants Payments Coalition Work Together to Reduce Credit Card Fees for RV Parks, Campgrounds

OHI, formerly known as the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, has joined the Merchants Payments Coalition to lower credit card fees for RV parks, and campgrounds.

Paul Bambei, OHI president and CEO, noted that most camping consumers, whether pitching a tent, arriving in an RV, or opting for glamping, pay by credit card.

“The vast majority of our members are small, independent businesses and having the card industry take a slice out of every payment adds to their struggle to make a profit. People who go camping shouldn’t be burdened by higher prices caused by high swipe fees, and banks and card companies should have to compete the same as our members do every day,” Bambei said.

According to a press release, OHI has joined the Merchants Payments Coalition while Congress considers the Credit Card Competition Act, which aims to address rising credit card swipe fees. Next week, OHI will spend four days on Capitol Hill meeting with senators about this and other important issues for RV park and campground owners. OHI represents over 3,000 member businesses nationwide, with 86% independently owned.

Doug Kantor, a member of the MPC executive committee and general counsel for the National Association of Convenience Stores, expressed appreciation for OHI’s support and pointed out that credit cards’ influence extends to all aspects of society. “It shows the reach of credit cards into every part of our society when you realize that even a campground isn’t immune from swipe fees and their impact on the economy,” he said.

Credit card fees have doubled over the past decade, hitting a record $172.05 billion last year. For outdoor hospitality businesses, these fees rank among the highest operating costs, following labor, insurance, and utilities.

Bambei emphasized that while OHI is already a strong advocate for RV parks and campgrounds in Washington, joining the MPC enhances its influence on this critical issue. “Our advocacy team is always focused on how we can get the most done for our members, and on this issue, it was important to join forces with some of the largest retail, lodging, travel, and small business associations in the country,” Bambei said.

For more information about OHI, visit ohi.org.

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