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New Primitive Campground Proposed in Mount Airy

Charles Dakota Smith, a resident of Mount Airy (North Carolina), has unveiled plans for a primitive campground within the city’s confines. 

This proposal is set to be the focal point of a public hearing scheduled with the Mount Airy Board of Commissioners. 

Nestled on Hamburg Street, the campground promises to be a haven for nature enthusiasts, strategically positioned between H.B. Rowe Environmental Park and the Ararat River. With the city’s greenway gracefully meandering through this region, the location couldn’t be more apt.

Smith’s vision for this campground stems from his personal passion for camping and his extensive travels across various campgrounds from coast to coast. 

Drawing from his experiences, Smith identified a gap in local offerings and believes this campground will fill that void. Specifically designed to cater to trout fishermen and families with small trailers, the campground promises an authentic experience. Large RVs, however, won’t find a spot here. Instead, the focus is on preserving the essence of primitive camping, with stays capped at a fortnight.

According to a Mt. Airy News report, the density would not exceed 20 sites per acre of the gross site area. Proposed city regulations would require at least 10 feet of space between units.

The proximity to the H.B. Rowe Environmental Park is not just a logistical advantage but also a strategic one. 

The park, renowned for its myriad features including a Bike Trail, Canoe Launch, and Walking Track, offers a plethora of activities for visitors. Smith envisions the campground as an extension of this experience, especially for those keen on trout fishing or simply seeking a tranquil retreat.

Moreover, the campground is not just about providing a space to pitch a tent or park a trailer. Smith has ensured that the facility is equipped with all necessary amenities, from a central service building with essential sanitary facilities to adequate parking. A dedicated site manager will oversee the operations, ensuring that visitors have a hassle-free stay. The proposed regulations emphasize the importance of sustainability and community well-being, with stringent measures in place to ensure the same.

The city’s response to Smith’s proposal has been overwhelmingly positive, with the Mount Airy Planning Board giving its nod of approval. This acceptance underscores the city’s commitment to promoting sustainable tourism and offering its residents and visitors a diverse range of experiences. The campground, with its unique proposition, is poised to be a valuable addition to Mount Airy’s tourism landscape.

In the broader context, the rise of primitive campgrounds in urban settings is a testament to the evolving preferences of travelers.

As urban dwellers seek respite from the hustle and bustle of city life, such campgrounds offer the perfect escape. They provide an opportunity to reconnect with nature, without compromising on basic comforts. The success of such ventures, however, hinges on striking the right balance between preserving the natural environment and providing essential amenities.

The proposed primitive campground in Mount Airy is not just a testament to Smith’s vision but also a reflection of the city’s forward-thinking approach.

By seamlessly integrating the campground with the offerings of the H.B. Rowe Environmental Park, Mount Airy is setting a precedent for other cities to follow. As urban areas grapple with the challenges of sustainable tourism, ventures like these offer a glimmer of hope, promising a future where nature and development coexist harmoniously.


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