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High Fuel Prices Force Campers, RVers to Change Travel Plans

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On average, people are paying more for fuel, whether they’re using gas or diesel. While a car or truck’s fuel tank could take more or less 20 gallons, RV tanks hold 100 gallons, and the pain is forcing some campers to change their travel plans.

Norm Demers, his wife, and their pup live in a 38-foot RV.

According to a report, they pulled into the campground near Charlotte Motor Speedway on Tuesday.

Once they find their spot, they level up, push out the slides, and hook up the power. And while it is a lifestyle they enjoy, it is subject to rising fuel prices.

“We were filling up one day at the gas station, this guy says boy that’s got to hurt. I saw it is what it is,” Demers said.

“We had planned to go across country this summer, but that’s going to be put off. We’ll do local stuff like going up to Virginia, going to the beach, we have friends in Myrtle Beach, so we’ll spend a couple of weeks there.”

“I definitely feel it in my pockets, but uh, you budget for it, and you’re okay, and I try not to move the RV unless I have to,” said Tyrone Judge II. He also lives in his RV.

“I really look at planning out my trip so that it’s strategic, not driving around extra,” Judge said. “I decided to stop pulling my vehicle behind me, and I just rent a vehicle when I need to, that’s made it a lot easier.”

According to OutdoorMiles.com, rising gas prices will affect 75% of RV drivers this year.

A large Class A motorhome, for example, gets between 5-7 miles a gallon. According to the website, if gas hits $5, it would likely cost some drivers $1 a mile to travel by RV.

“We did take a trip in the coach, it was very expensive to fill a 100-gallon diesel tank to Florida,” said Sallie Hooker. She and husband Jim stay at this campground for most of the year and use an SUV to make short runs. She says they’ll keep paying the increase to enjoy their life on wheels.

“Gas prices are high, yes, but racing is worth it,” Hooker said.

This story originally appeared on WBTV.

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