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Campground Owners Expo Kicks Off with a Focus on Industry Growth and Networking

The third annual Campground Owners Expo begins today, November 29, at the Hilton Branson Convention Center (Missouri) and will continue through December 2. This event, organized by Severson & Associates, is designed as a platform for campground owners nationwide to engage in networking and educational opportunities.

Lori Severson, owner of Severson & Associates, and Bud Styer of Bud Styer Associates, are spearheading the expo. They bring a combined experience of over 50 years in the campground association and trade show industry. 

The expo’s agenda for today includes a series of educational sessions. These sessions are split into morning and afternoon segments, each offering a range of topics. The morning sessions, scheduled from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, cover a variety of subjects crucial for campground owners.

The session titled PR & How to Manage an Incident at Your Park, emphasizes the importance of public relations and preparedness for incidents. This interactive session includes scenario-based discussions, providing attendees with practical insights into handling unforeseen events at their parks.

John Jaszewski from Campgrounds4sale.com will lead a session on Maximizing Income and Calling All Profits. This presentation focuses on capitalizing on income streams, adapting to economic changes, and understanding debt structuring. It’s particularly relevant for owners looking to enhance their financial stability in a fluctuating economy.

A panel discussion, Critical Business Checklist, will feature insights from experts in banking, law, and accounting. Phil Whitehead, Mark Hazelbaker, Chris Metcalf, John Jaszewski, and Eric Haun discuss essential business practices and record-keeping, offering valuable advice for maintaining a successful campground business.

Heidi Meckley’s session, Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit for Unstoppable Accountability, focuses on empowerment through mindset shifts, accountability, and the entrepreneurial journey. This session is designed to inspire campground owners to embrace innovative approaches to business management.

Angie Servi from JAMPS Strategic Development presents Having Great Conversations. This session addresses maximizing interactions, overcoming communication barriers, and active listening skills, essential for effective customer service and team management.

Strategies Unlocked: Optimize Your Campground, presented by Blake Burris, discusses simple strategies with significant impacts, focusing on operations, revenue growth, and guest experiences. This session is particularly beneficial for owners looking to enhance their campground’s efficiency and profitability.

The morning sessions also include a Reservation Software Panel with various companies discussing the top features of different reservation software. This panel is a valuable resource for owners considering upgrading or implementing new reservation systems.

Kelly Jones from The Jenkins Organization leads a session on Guest Services and the ADA, focusing on ensuring guest service and policies are accommodating, with a special emphasis on non-physical aspects of ADA compliance. This session is crucial for owners aiming to make their campgrounds accessible and inclusive.

Mark Koep from CampgroundViews.com presents Marketing Expertise: Communicate to Customers With No Time or Attention. This session addresses the challenges of engaging modern, distracted campers and offers strategies for effective communication.

The afternoon sessions include insights on selecting the right reservation system, designing the perfect customer journey, creating the ultimate recreation destination, leveraging OTAs for marketing while increasing direct bookings, and solving common guest service challenges.

The evening program features networking opportunities, an awards ceremony, a charity auction, games, raffles, and a guest emcee, Gilbert Brown. This provides a relaxed environment for attendees to connect and share experiences.

The Campground Owners Expo offers a comprehensive platform for campground owners and operators to learn, network, and grow their businesses. 

The sessions cover a wide range of topics, from business optimization to customer service, marketing, technology, and legal compliance, providing practical, actionable insights to improve campground operations and guest experiences. 

This event is a pivotal gathering for those in the campground and outdoor hospitality industry, aiming to foster growth, innovation, and community within the sector.

For more information visit, https://www.campgroundownersexpo.com/

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