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Campground Owners Expo Set to Start in Branson, Offering Key Insights for Industry

The third annual Campground Owners Expo is scheduled to begin tomorrow, November 29, at the Hilton Branson Convention Center, running until December 2. 

The event, organized by Severson & Associates, aims to provide a platform for networking and education for campground owners nationwide.

Lori Severson, owner of Severson & Associates, and Bud Styer of Bud Styer Associates, bring over 50 years of combined experience in the campground association, and trade show industry. Their expertise is expected to be a significant draw for the expo, which will focus on various aspects of campground management and operations.

The expo’s agenda includes sessions on critical business practices, reputation management, marketing strategies, and revenue optimization. These sessions are designed to address the current challenges faced by campground owners and offer practical solutions.

A key session on marketing, led by Mark Koep from CampgroundViews.com, will discuss strategies for engaging customers in an era of limited attention spans. Another notable session by Jen Rice of WhoaZone will explore ways to turn waterfront areas into profitable ventures, a topic of particular interest for many in the industry.

The event is not just an educational opportunity but also a networking platform. It is expected to attract over 500 private park operators and around 200 vendors, providing a unique opportunity for attendees to connect with peers and industry leaders.

The choice of Branson, Mo., as the location for the expo adds an additional element of interest. Known for its scenic beauty, especially during the Christmas season, Branson offers a conducive environment for both business and leisure activities for the attendees.

The Campground Owners Expo comes at a time when the industry is ever-evolving, making the insights and discussions expected at the event particularly relevant. The expo is seen as a crucial gathering for those looking to enhance their business practices, learn about new trends, and connect with other professionals in the field.

As the campground and outdoor hospitality industry continues to grow, events like the COE serve as a hub for the latest industry trends and best practices, essential for the continued growth and success of businesses in this sector.

The expo is set to offer a comprehensive program that covers a wide range of topics relevant to campground owners and operators. With its focus on practical solutions and industry-specific challenges, the COE is poised to be a significant event for those in the campground and outdoor hospitality industry.

For more information, visit https://www.campgroundownersexpo.com/

Featured image from Campground Owners Expo – COE.  

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March 15, 2024 12:40 am

Are you excited about the Campground Owners Expo in Branson? It’s a hot ticket for industry insights and growth potential! Dive into fresh strategies, connect with experts like Mark Koep and Jen Rice, and swap ideas with 500 operators and 200 vendors. Let’s soak up those innovative vibes and level up our campground management game amidst Branson’s scenic backdrop. It’s a blend of work and play, and I’m all in!


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