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MC Fireside Chats: Staylist’s Candice McNamara to Grace the Panel as a Recurring Guest

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating installment of MC Fireside Chats, happening on September 20, 2023, presented by Modern Campground. This episode promises to take you on a journey through the dynamic world of outdoor hospitality, shedding light on its multifaceted dimensions. Our panel of seasoned industry experts and campground aficionados are ready to impart their wisdom, helping you stay abreast of the rapid advancements in this vibrant sector.

Join our recurring guests Scott Knepp, Director of Operations for IVEE Group; Joe Duemig, founder of App My Community, Nate Thompson of KCN Campgrounds, Sean Vidrine, CEO of Four Points RV Resort and Whitney Scott, SVP of Strategy of Kampgrounds of America for another in-depth discussion about the campground industry. Adding to this powerhouse lineup is the insightful Candice McNamara from Staylist, ready to share her expertise in the industry.

This episode is set to be a powerhouse of knowledge and insights, featuring special appearance by  enterprising owner of Standing Pines Campground & RV Resort, Amy Bashor.

Amy Bashor will take the stage to share exclusive updates on the progressive developments at Standing Pines Campground & RV Resort. The audience can anticipate a glimpse into the resort’s future, featuring over 100 artistically crafted campsites, including 80 RV-ready spots. The resort promises a haven of comfort with diverse lodging options, from a snug studio cabin to a lavish two-bedroom RV rental and not forgetting the ultimate “glamping” sites, replete with all modern amenities.

Be part of this enlightening session as we navigate the evolving landscape of leisure and hospitality, focusing on innovative and sustainable luxury. Seize this golden opportunity to delve into the pioneering projects that are sculpting the future of the industry. Don’t miss out; tune in to discover the next frontier in outdoor hospitality.

September 13th Episode Recap

In the previous episode of MC Fireside Chats, Cara Csizmadia rejoined as a guest host. She was joined by special guests Richard Cherry, owner of Cherry Glamping, and Alexander Allred, owner of Blueridge Glamping. Recurring guests Ruben Martinez, founder of the American Glamping Association, and Zach Stoltenberg, Glamping and RV Resort Design Leader at Clockwork, were also present. Together, they delved deep into the nuances of the glamping industry, focusing on sustainability and the integration of technology.

The conversation initiated with a focus on the foundational role of sustainability in the glamping industry. The panelists, including Ruben Martinez and Alexander Allred, shared their firsthand experiences, highlighting the high costs and complexities involved in setting up renewable energy sources and aligning sustainability with customer expectations. Richard Cherry emphasized the hidden costs associated with infrastructure development, including sewage and power systems, advising prospective business owners to be realistic in their budgeting.

As the discussion progressed, the panelists, including Ruben and Zach, noted a trend towards “shovel-ready” projects to mitigate the risk of delays, emphasizing the importance of setting a realistic opening date to ensure completion. They shared insights on the current investment climate, highlighting a heightened sensitivity to the time taken from the inception to the first booking, a factor becoming increasingly critical in investment decisions.

Zach Stoltenberg brought a fresh perspective, encouraging businesses to start with small sustainable choices that can enhance the guest experience while being eco-friendly. He mentioned the evolving industry standards and certifications that can help resorts market themselves as sustainable, adding value to their brand. He also introduced the concept of dark skies compliance as a new classification in the industry, emphasizing the need to start somewhere in the journey towards sustainability.

Towards the end of the discussion, Zach shared an exciting development about a potential collaboration with a software company to develop a platform for managing various aspects of a glamping site remotely, enhancing both sustainability and the guest experience. This technology aims to integrate with existing booking software to automate various processes, such as setting key codes and controlling the thermostat based on booking schedules, promising a future where technology significantly aids operational efficiency.

As the conversation wound down, there was a light-hearted discussion about the upcoming Glamping Show, with Richard Cherry humorously suggesting bringing zebras as a unique attraction. Despite the confirmation of absence from some panelists, including Alexander Allred and Richard, for the event, there was a shared hope for future meetings and a continuous evolution of the industry.

Throughout the conversation, the panelists shared rich insights drawn from their experiences, painting a picture of an industry at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, grappling with the challenges of sustainability while eager to embrace technological advancements to enhance operational efficiency and guest experience. The discussion underscored the dynamic nature of the glamping industry, characterized by a constant balancing act between sustainability, luxury, and profitability.

About MC Fireside Chats

MC Fireside Chats is a weekly show devoted to the outdoor hospitality industry. The show is hosted by Brian Searl, the founder and CEO of Insider Perks and Modern Campground. 

Airing live every Wednesday at 2 p.m. (ET), MC Fireside Chats features guests from the camping and RV industry who share their take on the current state of the camping, glamping, and RVing sectors as well as upcoming innovations in RV parks, campgrounds, outdoor resorts, glamping, and the RV industry.

To listen to previous episodes of MC Fireside Chats, visit: https://moderncampground.com/mc-fireside-chats/


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