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Bar Harbor/Oceanside KOA Holiday Pursues Expansion

Bar Harbor’s Planning Board recently reviewed an application submitted by the Oceanside KOA campground, which proposed an expansion of its facilities. 

As per a report, the expansion includes the construction of five new cabins, replacing six existing RV campsites, the addition of five new RV sites in place of former worker sites, and a three-stall bath house.

The Planning Board deemed the application incomplete, as it lacked capacity letters from the fire chief and Public Works Department, as well as a letter of no violation. 

Private campground owners and operators can learn from the Oceanside KOA’s expansion application process. Expanding campground facilities, such as adding new cabins and RV sites, might increase revenue and improve guest satisfaction by catering to a broader range of clientele.

Another important aspect for private campground owners and operators to consider is ensuring compliance with local zoning regulations and obtaining necessary permits when planning expansions. Following proper procedures, as demonstrated by Oceanside KOA’s application process, can help avoid legal obstacles and facilitate a smooth development of planned projects.

Managing accommodations for campground staff during expansions or changes is crucial for private campground owners and operators. By planning ahead and ensuring staff housing needs are met, operators can maintain a well-functioning workforce and focus on providing excellent guest experiences.

The Oceanside KOA’s expansion application process provides valuable lessons for private campground owners and operators, such as the advantages of expanding facilities, the importance of adhering to local regulations, and effectively managing staff accommodations during periods of change.

According to its website, Bar Harbor/Oceanside KOA Holiday is the only campground on the west side of Mount Desert Island. The campground featured RV sites, deluxe cabins, camping cabins, and tent sites.

Featured image from Bar Harbor / Oceanside KOA Holiday.

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Joseph Wright
Joseph Wright
April 22, 2024 3:41 am

Isn’t it intriguing how Bar Harbor/Oceanside KOA Holiday draws you in with its stunning scenery and peaceful vibe? Picture yourself soaking in the beauty of Mount Desert Island. With the expansion plans in motion, get ready for an even more unforgettable escape blending modern comforts and nature’s tranquility.


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